Tuesday, August 11, 2015

blinding love

have you ever came upon yourself and realized that what have you been doing for someone..

is exactly like the saying,
love is blind
you lost your priority just because of that person

you would go such length, so far just for their sake.

you would sacrifice your time just to be by their side

you would do anything, that they would ask of you.

usually, this kind of realization only occurs whenever your expectation of them didn't meet.

you felt disappointment


what a let down

when it happens, you would ask yourself..

"why would i do this for you?"

over and over again.


keeps appearing in your head..

for what?

what am i doing?

is this for nothing?

is it in vain? 

and most importantly..

why, do i love you? why, did i let myself falling for you..

and why does it ache so bad..

my heart.

i guess, it isn't love if it's not meant to break you at some point.

that's what it does.