Sunday, October 11, 2015


you have to remember.

let's not forget

the days that you had..

with that person

all of your sweet memories

never ever, ever erase them

sometimes, you didn't ask for it to happen

all of those flashbacks 

suddenly appearing

intruding your mind

while taking your shower,

while trying to drift off to sleep,

while sitting in the mosque,

waiting for your prayer..

while driving alone,

you don't really remember everything that happened on that day

or on that particular time

what you actually do remember were..

the feelings that you had then

the emotions

how deeply you feel for the person

how much you care

how badly you want to be with them

the memories sort of flushing, flowing one by one..

into your head.

what did it mean?

why did they appear out of the blue?

why were you afraid to forget?


never let those memories fade away..

never let those emotions change..

i want to remember you.