Tuesday, June 14, 2016

happiness and pain

everything comes in pair,

in two.

it won't be three.

three is bad.

it will form a devastating triangle that's waiting to crumble..

counting its doom day.

just put something inside the triangle,

doesn't need much

just a 'lil bit of stain inside

a thought

chaotic one

and poof!


so it needs to be two.

just like there's black and white

just like there are two ears, two eyes, two hands, two legs..

everything is two.

that's the way it is


if somehow your happiness relying on that "two"

of the state of being together..

of waking up seeing the face,

seeing the eye

of holding hands

of embracing each other

of being side by side

walking, shopping, eating, or doing nothing

daily routines..

remember that;



the state of togetherness is going to be disrupted

by the third person.

nah, have it ever come across your mind that maybe you're the third?

what were you thinking?

you knew this is what you'll get


you ventured into it

you thought you'll be okay with it

what matter is now

what matter is..happy

all you ever wanted,

was always.

"i want to be happy"

"you make me happy"

"this is it"

are you stupid?

all the fun that you had..

all the happiness..

don't you know..

..happiness comes with pain.

and pains,

they're stubborn


they refused to go away

it's how it is.

they just, stay in you.

they will hurt you over and over again.

you may think it's gone, 

but no,

pain will always come back.

sometimes it's not the butterflies that tell you you're in love,

but the pain.


we shouldn't have experienced love?