Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I believe in life, we always strive to success. We want to accomplish something. Unless you're a zombie....well,  I think zombies have also ambitions. To eat human flesh. ahha

Everyone's aspiration might be different from others.

Housewives. What do they wish in their life? It could be something as simple as seeing her kids and husband happy.

I used to have so many dreams. Big. I wanted to do this, achieve that. Now? What has happened? Sometimes, when I see those 'adults' living their life, which seems to me quite dull, I wonder, what do they want to accomplish in life? I don't know what is it, it seems to me their life is so messed up. Getting married, have lot of kids, buying this and that, so unplanned and then having money problem. And then couple fight and then..

No I don't have dream like Sheldon Cooper to win a Nobel prize. I'm a weeabo thus you know what a weeabo wants.