Wednesday, April 30, 2014

plain orenji!


i finally....bought a car.

atarashii kuruma desu yo~

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

logged #1

last night i dreamt. you were there. next to me. like we were back then. it felt good. for a moment. then i said to myself. this is too good to be true. no, this can't be. finally i realized that it was just a dream. i think i was half-awoken. and in that moment, i knew. i knew for sure that this is just a dream. you are not, with me. the end.

anyway. i've decided to write log diary every bits and then. or a journal. whatever it is called. maybe twice a month? too lazy to write on a book these days, so blog it is!

like anybody's been reading this blog anyway.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

what the hell have i been doing these past few years?


i can't keep being like this.

it's time for a change.

it's time for a plan.

things that you can't have, they are for a reason.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

i'm going to run and fly, itsumo

looks like i'm getting further in this world of marathon.

and i keep improving days by days.

running taught me about myself.



what am i supposed to be.

how strong can i be.

how weak-willed i was.

i am able to find myself in running.

anyway, these upcoming month(s) are going to be packed! 


let's run. and fly. :)


Sunday, April 20, 2014

because i was alone


just because.

i was alone.

i seem lonely.

i was independent.

i always managed by my own.

i was comfortable that way.



you came.

you thought i needed someone.

you accompanied me.

for a moment there, i saw you as a nuisance.

nevertheless, you were always there.

your smile.

you were close to me.

like nobody else were.

you've saved me.

i wonder, why me?

could be..

you were alone too?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

usah peduli

usah peduli apa mereka buat. apa mereka rasa. apa mereka fikir. apa mereka kata. mereka tidak tahu. mereka adalah mereka. apabila ringgit nilaian motivasi mereka, ilmu dijual beli. dunia materialistik begini ajarannya. ikhlas ke mana. apa ke mana. perkongsian ilmu bukan lagi amalan. generalisasi adalah punca. racun pula pada generasi seterusnya. kurang pengetahuan. kurang pengajaran. kurang segala-gala. dan dikatanya mereka bodoh. mereka lemah. apakan daya, kamu yang lebih tahu kurang memberitahu. sistem birokrasi merosakkan lagi. bobrok. ini hakikat. hakikat dunia. dunia kejaran manusia. yang entah, untuk ke mana. apa yang pasti, kau bukan aku. 

ingat pada Yang Satu, itu sudah cukup bagiku. 

Cukup bagiku Allah.