Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who is chanz

a random guy

---this post was edited to achieve a lil bit of anonymity in the internet.--

.the owner is called chanz. not Chanz, or CHANZ. it's chanz.

I'm male. Malaysian. A graduate in Degree of Health Science (Dietetics) in 2011. 

I watch shows, a lot. Anime, TV series (US), dorama, movies. Read, a lot. Manga, novel, journal, you name it. And I listen to music, a lot.

I am a fan of Liverpool. The truth is that I just started (or you can say I resumed) to watch football during 2008. My teenage years I did play some soccer and yeah, that was the time I started to root for Liverpool. Only that, there were parents, teachers (religious ones), seniors who influenced me to somehow to drop that interest. Or perhaps I was still searching for something back then.

People around me remember me as someone whose love for Japan is absurd and too deep. Yeah, I love Japan, but not to the point that I wish I was a Japanese. It's just that they are people who did make something incredible for the world and worth to love for. I believe I do have a lil bit wapanese symptoms, but not that severe.

People who knows my hobby would however define me as someone who is a YUI lover and Sanji (One Piece) nut.

I'm still searching for something in life. Something that would make me live with pride, live for others, and live for love. Yep, I'm still looking for my special someone as well. :)