Monday, April 29, 2013

Time vs Money.....City vs Countryside


My decision is never really firm. Never absolute. #singforabsolution


I said I want to stay. Do I, really? #iwillstay #dontstay

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sanji: True or Fake Love?


From the look of it....he's going to have his heart broken...poor Sanji. So desperate.

Friday, April 26, 2013

random youtube comments #1

Youtube oh youtube.

Basically, all this guy do is commenting in every youtube music videos of famous artist with the same thing. ctrl c + v

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PayPal account to the email address(1),
along with a note saying: "HERE IS A $5 GIFT FOR YOU.
" Be? certain to add this note, as this is what KEEPS THIS PROGRAM LEGAL.
Then REMOVE the email address you are replacing (the one you sent $5 to), and REPLACE it
with your own Paypal account-email address.then post to 50 Message BOARDS,
yeah right. Your logic only happens if there are enough IDIOTS in this world to follow what you said.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nightmare #1

Mimpi mainan tidur? Mimpi gangguan syaitan? Mimpi memori sedang menyusun diri?

Ahhh. ...

Yang pasti jantung ada sedikit palpitation masa bangun. Berdebar-debar. It's like the dream really happen. Huhu.

Ada ustaz-ustaz kata kena ludah kiri kalau mimpi buruk. dream if to say it is a mimpi buruk,..?

I don't know. It's like I was in a movie, aliens/monsters or something + bad motel. And the next is movie mafia thailand. I wasn't even watching that kind of story before sleep! Kenal abang Charlie? In my dream, I was staying with bunch of my friends at a weird hotel or motel? What kind of hotel ni, boleh lalu bilik-bilik orang? And these cali, BIG cali, it's there. The size is unusual. Scary. It's not that many. But this one big cali, keep flying at the window, pusing-pusing tanpa hala tuju, coming toward my face (euuuuw) until it finally left that place and I shut off my window immediately.

One of my nightmare I may or (may not) remember.

"Itulah tidur tak basuh kaki!!" - kata orang tetua.

Oh this dream happened last month.

That feel you felt after finish mengemas.

Kemas. Kemas. Kemas.

fyi, storeroom outlet aku agak messy.

Sebelum aku join lagi dah macam tu.

Semalam, sebagai satu-satunya lelaki (yang macho) bertugas!

Segala kotak.


Wrap and wrap.

Angkat dan letak.

Peluh. Penat.

Dah la makan brunch je.


After you finish it!

Sejurus lepas habis mengemas, lihat betapa KEMAS nya. Betapa organized nya barang.


I like doing it.


Kita Berbeda

So tonight (22/4/13), my dinner is different. Not like usual. Not eating alone at home or eating at my outlet.

I hanged out with my school friends.