Monday, July 19, 2010

Searching for a Motivation

If you've been reading this blog, you should understand that currently I'm in the state of feeling down. Unmotivated. Moody. I don't know why. @_@.

But today, during the OPD (Outpatient Dietetics Practicum) I've been listening to my dietitian teacher's stories and it got me into thinking; how crucial this job is. The importance of being a dietitian. The 'WHY'.

Hence, I think I'm going to write an entry about the 'why' later when I have free time. Oh yeah. If I find any good article about it, I'll share it.

Well, actually, if you have any good article about the importance of this job right now, please do share it with me. Sharing is caring, isn't it?

Please, I hope this will wake me up!


7:46 pm, 19/07/10

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Recently, I do not feel motivated at all. Going for clinical. Counseling. Finishing my practical's report. Jogging. Uhh. It's like life is so dull. Like there is nothing else I would think other than this dietetics clinical thingy. And those assignments, project, assessments & bla bla bla..

I've been wondering why is this happening to me? What's wrong with me?? Maybe I just need a little motivation to go through with this?

Yeah. A little bit 'motivation' would do. So here it is. I've found it on the web. And I thought I want to share it. Read and think.

Make the Most of Where You Are
By: (the web says it is an unknown author. lol)

Wherever you are, be there fully.
For where you are is where you can most effectively act and live.

If you're constantly wishing that you were somewhere else, you diminish the opportunities for where you are now.
When your thoughts are in another place or time, your actions lose much of their effectiveness.

It's great to dream, to plan, to aspire, to reach for new and improved circumstances.
And yet the way to successfully do that is by being the best you can be in the place where you now find yourself.

It's great to keep yourself focused on an ambitious goal.
And that focus is the most effective when it is crafted from the perspective of where you are now.

To successfully travel the path from here to there, you must start with being fully here.
The more you give your attention and energy to making the most of where you are, the more quickly you'll move along that path.

There is much to be accomplished, much to be lived in every place and in every moment.
Be there fully for all of them, and life will be rich indeed.
~ ~ ~ ~


Huh. I guess I should only be thinking about nutrition and dietetics then??? That is kind of hard......Muzukashii....Or am I misinterpreting things??

Now I understand why most patients having a hard time to comply to the diet advice....I don't think anyone or any counselor would be able to help me...I still wish that I was somewhere

Tu diaa...!! Kalau Sengoku betul2 buat camtu kat aku...naya gak.

7:49 pm, 18/07/10

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Reviu Band: Kamilah Yang Tertewas

Hari ini, chanz nak berkongsi (promote2) dengan korang satu band yang sedang melonjak naik namanya iaitu We Are The Fallen ataupun bila diterjemah, menjadi: Kamilah Yang Tertewas. Terjatuh. Mati. Musnah. Pilih lah mana satu terjemahan yang sesuai. Yang pasti ia sesuatu yang menuju kegelapan. Ada unsur-unsur emo dan gothic di situ.

 Tapi sebelum itu, pernah dengar band Evanescence? Rasanya semua pernah dengar kan. Suatu ketika dulu, rasanya masa chanz berada di Form 3, band Evanescence mula popular dengan lagu Bring Me To Life. Perghh~ Masa tu memang layan ar dengarr! Siap semangat chanz pergi beli kaset original album dorang - Fallen (Ok dulu masih layan kaset..hahak). Lagu2 dalam album Fallen tu semua memang terbaekK ar~ Terutamanya My Immortal. Mesti ramai yang suka kan? Ha...

Buat pengetahuan anda semua, band ini ada masalah dalaman di mana co-founder/guitarist Evanescence iaitu Ben Moody keluar pada tahun 2003, then pergi buat lagu dengan artis2 solo macam Daughtry (What About Now), Avril Lavigne (Nobody's Home), Kelly Clarkson dan Celine Dion. Bagi chanz, lagu What About Now & Nobody's Home best. Oh I like Ben Moody~ (errkK jangan fikir bukan2).

So tinggal lah Amy Lee si vocalist utama Evanescence dengan beberapa ahli Evanescence lain. Ini pendapat chanz la, selepas Ben Moody keluar, rasanya Evanescence dah jadi macam kureng sikit. Album The Open Door tak begitu sedap sangat didengar. Hanya beberapa lagu je dalam album tu macam Lithium, Like You, & Good Enough yang best. So disebabkan itu, chanz dah kurang dengar Evanescence...hahak. Lagipun, memang Evanescence dah tak kuarkan album sejak 2006 lagi. The Open Door tu le yang paling latest.

Walau camnapon, baru-baru ini, chanz lepak kat page, then terbaca la shoutout2 fans ni dok gadoh pasal Evanescence & WAtF. Apa benda WAtF nih? chanz pon lurk n lurk kat so dapat tahu bahawa WAtF @ We Are the Fallen ni merupakan band yang ditubuhkan oleh Ben Moody bersama-sama bekas ahli Evanescence lain John LeCompt (guitarist) & Rocky Gray (drummer), cuma vocalist bukan Amy Lee tetapi adalah Carly Smithson, peserta American Idol yang idolanya adalah Amy Lee. Apa lagi, chanz try dengar album band ni - Tear The World Down. Perggh. Bezz arr!!

Walaupun mula-mula rasa band ni macam copycat & Amy Lee punya suara lagi best, tetapi lama-lama dengar rasanya dah boleh adapt dengan suara si Carly ni. Not bad gak ar. chanz rekomen dengar lagu Bury Me Alive, St. John, dan Without You bagi yang tengah ngantok tu, konfem akan goyang-goyang kepala. Kalau nak dengar ballad, leh layan Sleep Well My Angel & I Am Only One. Bagi yang suka layan akustik, boleh try dengar Bury Me Alive versi akustik. This is my two cents la. Memang layan emo ar dengar lagu Kamilah Yang Tertewas ni!!

Video klip Bury Me Alive pon best. Ada cam ala-ala movie Drag Me To Hell sikit; lagu ni pun menurut Carly telah diubahsuai selepas beliau menonton movie tu.

Ramai fans yang bergaduh pasal WAtF ni copycat Evanescence la, wannabe them. IMO, they are not a copycat or wannabe. They are, from their name itself - the Fallen. They are the one who makes the album Fallen meletop satu dunia. I'm with you, We Are the Fallen!

9:46 pm, 14/07/10

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OH Kaunseling.

OH Kaunseling.






Sangat takbest.

Oh damn.

Ugh.. Can this mistake be corrected?

I do not know.

I just wish this year will end so fast, in a way that even I do not feel it has ever happened in my life!!


8:30 pm, 13/07/10

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Wandering Son

A son is worrying on what might the future hold for him.

"Son, don't worry. You can be anything you want to be!"

But then, the son growing up believing his father's words, just to realize that he actually did not have much choice. He wanted to be a comic artist, but he knew that in his country no one really care about comic. He wanted to be an engineer, however, observing that so many jobless fresh graduates of this field resulting in him loses hope. He wanted to be a mathematician, yet people keep saying to him there is no job for the discipline.

He may have not open his eyes and explore the world. The possibilities. The chance. He may have not try to take the risks. He may be a chicken, for not trying. Why didn't he just doing what he wanted to do?

He didn't know what else to do, unsure of his actions which in the end left him in the uncertainty..

..and he decided to be a full time NEET!! =p


6:29 pm, 11/07/10