Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Minggu Penghayatan Islam 11 08/09

"Hey, mate. Let's go!"

"Huh, where to?"

"Where, you ask! Of course to Minggu Penghayatan Islam 11! This evening we got Perasmian Pembukaan event!"

"Oh, yeah right. Jom, jom."

This entry I write to whoever happened to be a USMKK student, a Kelantanese, lives near USMKK & whoever interested to come. It's not my call to promote this program, because this time I held responsibility as Exco Makanan. However, I remember Solihin, one of the HICOM said that we all work together, not necessarily we just do our related job. well, i got this blog thingy, ergo let me promote this good, holy & sacred event. Ahakz.

So here our takwim of events:
27/12/08 - Kursus pra-Perkahwinan I (Dewan Nurani. 8am)

30 - 01/01/09 - Pameran (Red Square. 8am - 5pm)

30/12/08 - Perasmian MPI (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

01/01/09 - Solat Hajat Untukmu Palestin (Masjid Murni. 8pm)

02/01/09 - Hari Untukmu Wanita [HUW]

03/01/09 - Kursus pra-Perkahwinan II (Dewan Nurani. 8am)

- Futsal (Kompleks Sukan. 8am - 6pm)

04/01/09 - Ceramah Hiburan Dalam Islam (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

Penceramah: Pahrol Md Juoi [penulis lirik lagu nasyid & buku)

05/01/09 - Pertandingan Nasyid (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

07/01/09 - Pertandingan Pentomin (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

08/01/09 - Forum Bicara Ad-Din (Padang USMKK. 8.30pm)

Tajuk: Salahkah Aku Bercinta?

09/01/09 - Larian Amal Untukmu Palestin (Padang USMKK, 8am)

- Malam Untukmu Palestin (Dewan Nurani, 8.30pm)

10/01/09 - Malam Inspirasi Seni [MANIS] (8.30pm, Dewan Utama)

Artis Jemputan: RAIHAN
- Bengkel Kepimpinan (8am, Dewan Utama)

Penceramah: Dr Fadzilah Kamsah

16/01/09 - Explorace

17/01/09 - Sukaneka Muslimat (Padang, 8am)

- Majlis Penutup (Dewan Nurani, 8.30pm)

And [probably] we will have another event on 05/02/09 which is Closed & Interfaith Dialogue.

I think that is all I need to write. Oh, afterwards I need to go to Pusat Islam to transport the stuff to be used this evening. I hope using motorcycle will do... huhu. But if there is car, it's easier. And then going to meet Kak Yah, some discussing about the kuih muih.. and also remember to buy ice..

ok. enuff. done reminding myself. and people, please do come to these events!!! We have refreshment for every events! XD (yeah i'm the one responsible for that~~)

Thursday, December 18, 2008



recently, while managing my yahoo email account, deleting all spam emails, reading subscribing thing and that, bla2..i found this forwarded email which said:

" Cuba Kira Klu Terror...

> >
> >


~nyaa thingy~


at first, i don't really give a damn about this email, i mean, for the first attempt, i try to solve it and... FAIL, but i dont really feel the challenge. well, at that time i am busy with programs & dont have time & dont really care. actually i got this email a long time ago. but then, now i try to solve this once again..

looking around, cannot find my beloved scientific calculator fx-570ms, (which i rarely use it in here, usmkk!!!!) i decide to calculate by hands. yeah..a pen and a paper is enough. so.. thinking & calculating.. i stil fail to unlock the file.. then, i look back at my calculation.. erm,, where do i go wrong? i wonder.. so i revise.. and.. OMG!
49 x 7 = 336?! this is so wrong...!! because it should be 343! hoho.. i know why. it's because i thought that 9 x 7 = 56... LOL. stupid mistake we say.

then i calculate again, (by hands, congak2 of course..) and, yattaaa! unlocking the file~~ success!

however, even i manage to solve it.. i start to wonder what happened to me.. what has happen to my mind.. my math knowledge..i think that i really have forgotten a lot about math..oh..this sucks.. "this occured because u rarely use that math knowledge of yours!!" i said to myself~~ but maybe it's just because i recklessly calculating, yeah. multiply it wrong.. dunno which was it. BUT, from my experience at school & matrix, frankly said i never do wrong in multiplying..yeah. eventhough we use calculator a lot, when i calculate things congak2, i still multiply it right.

now after realizing that i still manage to solve that so-so twisting math question, i wonder whether my decision to take dietetics course is the right one or not.. i still wonder, in dilemma since i'm in first year. "is this really what i want to do? is this my path? is this my destiny or..what is it actually???" i still not sure about this. do i enjoy that cooking thingy, learning about food stuff? duh.... i dunno. i just moving on. let it go. just finish what u started i said.

if talking about my soul, yeah. it will go to.. engin. i really should have done ENGIN!!!! dammmit. my soul said. but, if talking about the rational of job availability, others experience in engin, the toughness of engin, blah2.. u really should do dietetics.... am i escaping, running away from challenge? i'm not sure of myself..

some may say i'm talking nonsense here.. but this is the only way i can express my feelings, my problems.. so bare with it. even if u r bored with this, i dont really care anyway~~

now moving forward to sem 2 in year 2 diet.. i think that i should just do good in exam... complete assignment well, get some good pointer... and who knows.. maybe i develop interest in this job, in the future.. (yeah, heck it will?)

i guess i really should blame Sanji... why does he should be a chef, the immatured me in the past wanna be like Sanji... i am hontou ni baka for trying to be someone else.. be urself is better, isnt it?

P/S: the title of this post is Nyaaa!! because i just substitute the sound of cat "meow" (the title of the file i get is meow) into japanese one.. fyi, cat sounds "nya" for japanese people.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebrity MORPH!!

Faced with intense boredom, I found this interesting website where we can morph our face into the s0-s0 celebrity. like I really a fan of these celebrity. dont really care actually. it's just the curiosity to see which celebrity that my face will become! hua3.

So, here it is:


58% it resembles Eero. He is the bassist of The Rasmus. daaa. eventhough I love their musics, not necessarily i morph into one of the members! XD

The others I dont really know.... Hanson is also a vocalist in a pop rock band, called Hanson. Orlando Bloom? nahhh, seriuosly not resembles a lil bit!

I guess this web using application that functions randomly. maybe it just detect only a certain charasteristics of our face and try to compare with the face they got. but, it's fun! you may try!

click here

P/S: i wish i could morph into Sanji... gettai.. henshin!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Raining..AGAIN!

"Hey, look..look! There's water falling on my hands! Even my hairs! What is it? This is a miracle!"

"Idiot! It's raining da..! For God sake, please don't make that stupid joke again!"


It's indoor activities today. (Like I am an outdoor type. XD) Because outside is raining. For a week now, it's been continuously raining and raining. Oh. man.. Really a major problem. I got to go out to survey the price of some food. Some "borong2" thingy, snacks like Apollo, and mineral water. Last night, after I met Ruzaini and asked about this exco makanan stuff, I thought that today I want to go out to the kedai2 he mention, and do some surveying perhaps.. BUt..uhh, plan's changed. Let's relek2 and surfing internet today..gahahaha.

Even the plan to wash baju2 interrupted. But, never mind. just sidai indoor. Yeah. Like I said, it's indoor day today! No, no. Indoor week. Poor me. Tomorrow I got to go home. Early in the morning. But lots of thing need to do. That translation thingy. duhh...

Whatever, let's listen to Hujan band~~~daa...

P/S: i guess i need to wait for the hujan to reda..and then i go. [love rojak language! XD]

Friday, November 14, 2008

Twenty Years OLD..

"How old are you?"

"I..erm..I am..It's a secret!!' lol.

People ask this when they want to know your age. The want to know how long you have lived in this world. They never ask "How young are you?" Well, it's because we are getting older each day..older and older..passing the on going time. From the question itself tells us to aware that we are all going to die, but yet people still don't realize that. Still have time to commit sins, have time to "menyibuk tepi kain orang", have time to "cari kesalahan orang" and some stupid things we done. I dunno. People's nature perhaps.

Actually, I'm writing this to remind myself. We are not immortal. Have we prepare ourselves to face Allah? We are not. I am not. We still "leka" to this world. Asyik. Adhere to it. Forget the Creator.

"Ampunkan kami Ya Allah, kerana sentiasa leka dengan dunia ini. Lalai mengerjakan tuntutan Mu"

Mari kita cuba hayati lagu dari kumpulan Ungu ini. Hidup Hanya Sementara.

Ungu - Hidup Hanya Sementara

Mungkinkan kita hidup untuk selamanya?
Mungkinkah kita mati membawa harta?
Mungkinkah kita kan jadi penghuni surga?
Ataukah kita kekal di dalam neraka?

Hidup kita bukanlah akhir dari semua
Hidup kita bukanlah segalanya
Siapkah kita saat ajal menjemput kita?
Siapkah kita menghadap kepada Nya?

Bergegaslah, siapkanlah semua
Waktu kita tinggal sebentar sahaja

Bergegaslah, perbanyak amal ibadah
Hidup di dunia hanyalah sementara

Ketahuilah selama kita hidup di dunia
Kerjakanlah segala perintah Nya
Jauhilah larangan Nya

Apabila malaikat datang menjemput kita
Tak kan ada lagi kesempatan tuk mengucap kata taubat

Want to listen to this song, download it from here

(Credit goes to the uploader)

P/S: I just past my birthday anniversary last 11th November. Now I am 20. Twenty is a big number you know..

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

L'arc~en~Ciel - Daybreak's Bell

Romaji Lyric

nee konna katachi no deai shika nakatta no? kanashii ne
anata ni shindemo ayamete hoshiku mo nai onegai

unmei sae nomikomare shizumisou na umi e to

negai yo kaze ni notte yoake no kane wo narase yo
tori no you ni My wishes over their airspace
musuu no nami wo koe asu e tachimukau anata wo mamoritamae
My life I trade it for your pain
arasoi yo tomare!

nee hito wa doushite kurikaeshi ayamachi wo kasaneteku?
shinka shinai dare ni mo nagareru kono chi ga daikirai

honnou de sabakiau dare no demo nai daichi de

sumiwataru mirai ga kita nara kusabana mo heiki ni yadoru darou
My wishes over their airspace
dareka yuriokoshite warui yume kara samashite yo
kanau no nara My life I trade it for your pain
dore dake inoreba ten ni todoku?

ima asayake ga unabara to watashi wo utsusu

negai yo kaze ni notte yoake no kane wo narase yo
tori no you ni My wishes over their airspace
musuu no nami wo koe asu e tachimukau anata wo mamoritamae
My life I trade it for your pain

furimukazu habatake kono omoi wo hakonde ano sora wo tondeku
mirai wa dare ni mo uchiotosenai

English (Translation)

Hey, is it that I could only meet you in such a situation? It's sad.
Even should it cost my life, I don't want you to kill. Please?

The destiny is being engulfed deep into the sea

Please, ride on the wind and ring the daybreak's bell
Like a bird, my wishes over their airspace
Cross the countless waves. You are facing the future. Go to protect you now.
My life I trade in for your pain
Stop the fight now!

Hey, why do human beings keep repeating their sins?
I hate this blood that flows in everyone's body without any evolution.

Judging one another with their instincts, in this land that belongs to no one

If a clear future should come, even flowers can reside on the weapons.
My wishes over their airspace
Would someone please wake you up. Wake up from this nightmare now
If my dream should come true, My life I trade in for your pain
How long should I pray until it could reach the sky?

Now the first sunlight shines over the ocean and me

Please, ride on the wind and ring the daybreak's bell
Like a bird, my wishes over their airspace
Cross the countless waves. You are facing the future. Go to protect you now.
My life I trade in for your pain

Fly high without turning back, take this wish with you and fly across the sky
This future won't be brought down by anyone.


This song is taken from the first Opening Theme of the anime Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Season 1. It has been over a year now since the anime being aired on Japan TV. It's 2007. But, I just found out that NTV7 is broadcasting this anime started last Saturday, 10.30am (01/11/08). With Malay dubbing. It really surprised me, you know. Since NTV7 seems to broadcast a lot of good animes recently, for example Jigoku Shoujo, Trinity Blood, Get Backers, Kekkaishi, Keroro Gunso, etc. I thought they never going to broadcast Gundam 00 because they, stupid? XD. But I don't think more Gundam fan will arise in Malaysia just like Na-ru-tahh. Gundam is more complex, which issued on war, faith in religion, politics and humanity. Not all people can easily accept that. Most Malaysian thought anime is for kids, and the theme of anime is not so serious.. (SO WRONG!!) Compare to know, everyone will just love Naruto, even people with no knowledge of anime.. WTF..( you know that this overrated anime has a game for handphone called "Narutah"?) Just like what happen to Full Metal Alchemist. It's a good and best anime, receiving many awards in Japan. But yet in Malaysia, it got no popularity...maybe because of bad Malay dubbing? I'm not sure..

I just post this lyric because, I suddenly realize that I been listening to this song for over a year now..and surprisingly, I am not bored of it. I mean, it still fits my ear. Simply said, it will keep haunting me forever!! Huh. Really a good song. With its lyric focusing on war. Suits with its anime.

P/S: Studying Human Resource while listening this song really make my mood up.. Human Resource is really a boring subject..... Hope I manage to answer the questions well tomorrow... Heck, "goreng sajaa!!!" XD

Friday, October 31, 2008

the "DON'T" want to..

I don't want to take Dietetics course...
yeah, for sure. I took this course just because of this saying of my father, "take a food related course!! Engineering?! not advisable..see, many friends of mine took engineering - either they change their career because too tired, or they fail during study period..and plus food industry is always progressing..more people will consume many variety of food, and want advise of it..blah2..I'm afraid you do not get job if you take engineering...lot of engin graduates out there are unemployed..n more n more reason..." (kinda weird when I try to translate what he said..XP)

but hey, I like Math & Languages. I mean, it's my field. I love to solve the problems of math, using the formula and apply them..they are structured to be like that. I mean, they are something know, uh..they are fun!! It's like they have principles. To solve them, you need to think, remember the formula and know well how to use them. yeah. They are also challenging. Some are really hard questions. You need to think hard. Until then if you manage to solve it, you will feel like - Yattaaa!! Hurray!

and languages are also fun. you need to learn the grammar. how they will be applied in the sentence. the pronunciation..the principles..I really want to learn Japanese language for now.. and the other thing about them is..they are easy to learn!! XD. I don't know why others find it hard to learn them and they perform bad in exam for these subjects..

compare know - Biology thingy. you need to read. yeah. Read a lot. Understand the process, know the facts..blah2. I dunno why. It's not that I hate to read. I love to read. I know by reading we get knowledge. But, not this. Need to read something that is well planned. Something that is in the book. I choose to read freely. Read without worrying "should i finish this one by today?". just read whatever I want. XD. And I dont know about others, I always think by reading you are not using much of your brain. You just memorize. You got the knowledge. You keep it in your mind. And maybe, you will apply them in your life. You just read. You are doing nothing but read. The only challenge there is to understand WTH is that? WTF is this word? Furthermore in exam, you just need to write back whatever you have memorized..So, if you do not read them, you cant answer. hence, where is the challenge? You just need to read's nothing. i repeat, NOTHING!

Usually, I get tired by just reading the lecture note....uahhh. sleepy. But sometimes if I found a new, fun knowledge, I enjoy.

That's why I don't really fit here. I mean, here. USM KK. I don't fit with people here. Compare to when I was in matrix, it's fun to know a lot of people like me~~ Here, they are just.....

But still...I am here. Two years in Dietetics. adapting..hahahahahaha

I don't want to be exco, hicom, blah2..the so called "pangkat"..
there this thing we call "responsibility". or "amanah". when you got to take this post - exco2..blah2, you always need to think about responsibility. how well you do the job, the intergrity, how serious you take it, and so on. not sure about that. I mean, when there is something wrong, people will normally blame us (people in charge), BUT, rarely they praise us for our efforts. yeah. people are ungrateful. always.

the other thing I don't like when being this exco2 is I need to deal with people. You know...people. Human. Ningen. Manusia. Insan. They are stupid, fragile, ungrateful, selfish, corrupt, emotional and blah2..(OMG, I am human too). From my experience being a teacher in primary school - not fun. heck. The point is I hate to deal with people. Need to meet these, HEP (huh...), and that.. really tiring. Sorry to say, maybe I dislike people. Maybe.... (what a stupid statement...) Eventhough some are really good, fun and best for company.

but still... I take part in many activities...try to adapt to these environment..and try to be honest in doing job..and try to build intergrity..I dont know what kind of person will I become in the future..

I don't want to be around these kind of people.., I wish I live with some fun and interesting people...but yet..they are boring~~and I wish the people around me influence me to do good. to be good. well, "bersahabatlah dengan penjual minyak..." so then we get the benefits of it.. maybe I should just live for myself.. hitori wa...

I don't want to take for examination..
I...wish I don't need to answer the exam...but you know, it's the only way to test our knowledge..well, just answer them.."pasrah'

i don't want to write this topic..
eh, really? so what's the mumbling is about? haha..

Although I do not want to do this and that, seems like I am forced to.. I am still trying. Trying to do my best. In everything. Try to have intergrity. Try to be honest. Try to fulfill others' expectation. Yeah. Just Try!!! Try to search for the uncertainty~~

P/S: Ape ko ngarut da... emo punya budak

Friday, October 24, 2008

House MD 5x05 - Lucky Thirteen

a shock news..Dr Hardley aka Thirteen is a...les..yes a lesbian. she is a bisexual.....what happen to the world of Western..immorality kinda begun to be accepted. or already is?? when people are too open, these what will happen..

as usual, House will mock and mock her..until he fired her..and then hired back...??

and House acting weird not finish saying words.

"if you're happy, I'm......"

he stopped..with his usual dont care expression..

P/S: still lazy to post pictures...and less writing...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

House MD 504 Birthmarks

Haha...i knew it!! i knew they wont fight for so long~~~but it's really nice. House & Wilson friendship. it's a real fun.

and talking about dad. yeah dad. it reminds me. which somehow i am also do not like my dad..yeah...not like in some ways. and i always think u could not get to choose who your parents are. and here stated by Wilson...and actually your friends and also family~~ you just need to live with it...

one thing i like in this episode is, of course - the story of House & Wilson. how they met and bla2..House always acts like a kid, while Wilson is there protecting & enabling him..XD

and this new patient is also cool~~three pins in your head huh?! that one is cool..

P/S: will post pictures later......

Monday, October 20, 2008

House MD 503 Adverse Events

Oh man, it's so big!! Bezoar?

an art male artist submitted as patient after his skill of drawing become worse but he did not realize that. and this is because he have been in three drugs trial..testing the new unapproved drugs. until House found out it was antacid that give him problems. antacid that form a bezoar in the stomach. (like a hairball,made up of undigsted food, get it when stomach acid low, fruit & veg fibers & skins get stick together & form a ball.gets sticky, ferments & grows. starts sucking up some of the pills taken.some inactive but some got released to the body.)

i'm not okayyy!! baby, dont you know that?

and House keeps telling his crew about their own dark secrets..and Taub seems unhappy for that. becoz he wants to keep a good relationship with his wife. no doubtness for her. until he learn something from the patient's relationship with his wife...and it seems that there is something wrong with Taub...maybe he's unfaithful to his wife?

interesting part, House asks Douglas to spy on Cuddy, to find out about her embarassing secret. but Douglas actually into Cuddy~~~he thinks Cuddy is hot.

everyone like roses la...pity Cuddy~~she falls for him lawl.

P/S: this Douglas PI guy is trying to flirt with Cuddy~~XD

House MD 502 Not a Cancer

the episode starts with 4 people that suddenly got fainted.and then we being told that it's because they are all received an organ transplant fom the same donor. and only one patient (a mathematic female teacher) still alive who had a corneal transplant. now House hire a private investigator (PI) named Lucas Douglas with real intention to spy on Wilson, instead helping them investigate about the patients.eventhough it's more effective, but it is costly.and he keeps saying that the patient got cancer.everyone thought it's because he wanna meet Wilson with that reason.

until he found out that her brain, but not brain. (huh?). because the cancer stem cell landing on the recipients organ. for this patient case, it lands on the brain and act like a brain..but it's not really a's the interesting part..he asks the PI to swap the patient's meds so that they can cut off her upper head and search for the "not brain" part..
and i dont quite understand what is the meaning of the last scene of this episode..where house make a call saying "is there any way i could put you on retainer?"huhu...

Dr. O'shea - just someone he thought can pay him for lunch.
and yeah. they are actually in ice cream truck.
P/S: it seems that House spent a lot of time with this PI...

House MD 501 - Dying Change Everything

House's shock!!

a new patient.a woman had a hallucination. and then thought to be pregnant.but not pregnant. thought to have lymphoma and seem to recover after chemotherapy. until House found out that she got leprosy~~she is 37 but look younger..that's why he knew it. and here we are shown about Thirteen's changing behavior..after found out she's having Huntington.and the real reason of Wilson wanna leave the's House.

a "pretty leprosy" huh?!

from the title it refers to House statement that "Almost Dying Change Nothing" but "Dying Change Everything"...

hey Thirteen, listen!!

yeah, you're soo right

P/S: at least i know about leprosy..Huntington..lymphoma~~

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Watching List

Currently, all that interesting TV Show and Anime is being aired. Nah, now it is time for me to rock on! Watching with full capacity and adrenaline!! XD

TV Shows:

1 - Prison Break S4 ~~ Episode 08

Episode 01 - Scylla

Episode 02 - Breaking and Entering

Episode 03 - Shut Down

Episode 04 - Eagles and Angels

Episode 05 - Safe and Sound

Episode 06 - Blow Out

Episode 07 - Five the Hard Way

Episode 08 - The Price [23/10/08]

Episode 09 - Greatness Achieved [16/11/08]

2 - Heroes Season 3 ~~ Episode 07

Episode 01 - Second Coming

Episode 02 - The Butterfly Effect

Episode 03 - One of Us, One of Them

Episode 04 - I Am Become Death

Episode 05 - Angels and Monsters [21/10/08]

Episode 06 - Dying of the Light [22/10/08]

Episode 07 - Eris Quod Sum [02/11/08]

3 - House MD Season 5~~ Episode 06

Episode 01 ~ Dying Change Everything

Episode 02 ~ Not a Cancer

Episode 03 ~ Adverse Events

Episode 04 ~ Birthmarks [21/10/08]

Episode 05 ~ Lucky Thirteen [24/10/08]

Episode 06 ~ Joy [03/11/08]


1 - Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Second Season - Episode 05

#01 - Angel's Advent
#02 - Twin Drive
#03 - Allelujah Rescue Operation [21/10/08]
#04 - Reason for Fight [01/11/08]
#05 - Burning Homeland [04/11/08]
#06 - Scar [16/11/08]

Assignments, Presentation & Examination

My assignments waiting to be completed:

1 - GTD 208 Nutrition Principle II
Present Probiotics - 13/10 DONE!!!

2 - GEG 208 Human Resources
Report Interview Jbtn. Patologi Kimia - 14/10 DONE!!!

3 - GTU 302 Biostatistic
Assignment Dr Sarimah - 15/10 DONE!!!!

4 - LSP 402 English for Sciences
Interview for MO Post - 15/10 DONE!!!!

5 - GTD 201 Human Nutrition throughout Lifecycle
Present Osteoporosis - 16/10 DONE!!

6 - GTD 201 Human Nutrition throughout Lifecycle
Report Osteoporosis - 19/10 DONE!!

Continuous Assessment (CA)

1 - GEG 103 Health & Fitness [19/10/08] DONE!!

Now it's time to study!!!!


2/11 - 19/11

Saturday, August 30, 2008

the first ever - NOOB in blogging

here i am, doing blogging thing..hua3.XD
well, this is the first try. i never blogging before. only read the others' blog. well, some of them good..some just not fun at all..
but the truth is..i really love to write, especially in internet - being active in the gforum and others..

well, it's what they call NOOB (pronounced as nub or the Malay people may just say it no-ob.XP). or in other word..newbie. newbie in blogging. this word first i known when i played the game, defense of the Ancients (DotA) which is really popular among adolescents (especially university students) nowadays...i dont know why..(why eh?)

well..still need a lot of things to Takuya Kimura always said in his drama Pride, "maybe". (which i think i always used it when i'm in form 2 or 3). So, maybe I be better at blogging in the future!!