Friday, February 26, 2016

people change.

what does it mean by "people change"?

i believe,

the phrase best describes a situation in which, in a relationship, the other party, has started to treat you differently.

turned to talk differently

even if they still care the same,

the behaviours have changed.

it's not the same anymore.

they just said whatever they want,

before they wouldn't talk in such a way

they would be careful

but now..

i believe, when this does happen, both party would realize it.

the state of their relationship

what has it come to be

why does this happen?

why can't you turn back to how it was?'s all because..


words hurt.

the other person might not say it what he/she felt,

sometimes, your hurtful words..were killing a little bit of love in their cells, i might say

they died, unable to regenerate.


both of you did something to heal it again..

even if they heal..

the scars were still there.

scars couldn't heal,

they stay forever.

didn't they?

people change,

and when it happens,

nothing would be the same anymore.


what were you trying to achieve?

all these while, you have been selfless.

you didn't think about yourself

you thought that being together was what matter

you thought that the short time was enough

rather than doing anything else,

you believed it's worthwhile

just to be able to be with you

Thursday, February 25, 2016

the loner, i am

i am an introvert.

introverts, usually are not interested in talking.

or social interaction.

doesn't mean they couldn't talk

they would talk endlessly if it's involving interesting matter, for them.

because they tend to not talk,

they tend to be in reclusive manner.

people might perceive them as arrogant, shy, unfriendly, and anti-social

that's just how they are, we are, i am.

kind of pathetic.

what they don't know though,

we're like that because you, you and you are not worth their time.

you talk shit about silly things