Monday, May 5, 2014

random grey's anatomy

my favorite pair at the moment..

april x jackson.

and they're fighting.


though it'a heavy issue they brought out this time.

argument about beliefs.


how could a couple with different views on such crucial matter in life, will ever coexist?


christian x atheist?

religion vs science?

good one greys (or accurately, shonda rhimes) you did it again.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

running log #1

i was going slow today.

didn't run. i was trying to jog only. see how far can i go..with this pace.

my legs can go. my lungs can go. my head can go.


my body. felt like having no energy at all.

perhaps i need to do carb loading before i run?

dapat tahu trek lari tu usm bukak je hujung minggu....weekdays jek kot kena tulis nama...

btw, ada accident kat depan usm tadi. myvi dengan wira, kot.

apalah. laju2 lagi.