Wednesday, November 25, 2015

all i want

all i want is.. be able do the things i love with the person i love

let's run together

would you like to be my pacer?

it's okay if you're slower

it's okay if you're a 10K

heck i can manage 3K

if it's you.

can you do that?

let's have a nature getaway

i don't know;

we might do trail run

why don't we trek the jungle?

oh if we have the time, we can hike the hills, or better yet, the mountain

let's camp somewhere with a view

that kind of view

you know, that.


if we have money, let's plan a trip

just the two of us

someplace that we would be able to forget

all the care in the world

relieve us from all of the burdens

learning one or two things along the way

which country should we go first?


i call dibs on that. haha!

it's a known fact that i'm such a weeabo

if i'm going to master Japanese,

would you support me through it?

would you not make fun of me?

when there's nothing to do at the weekend,

you would remind me about the movies that i've been wanting to watch that i've forgotten about

we would watch it together

because, well, you're also enjoying it

the way i would

i know you would

hey, let's talk less.

let's read a book

it's okay if we like a different genre

it's okay if our favorite authors have weird names

it's okay if i would never comprehend your taste

let's just sit and lie

lean on each other


just read..

in our own library

if we're bored of the things we do

if we've run out of ideas of doing anything

if we're too busy with our work

it's okay

why don't we just walk

maybe at the mall

maybe at the park

maybe along the lake

holding hands

just you and me

walking and doing nothing..

what about kids you ask?

to be honest,

i haven't thought much about that matter

i love kids

i am good with them

kids love me

i believe, when you have kids, everything's going to change

priority might not be the same

sacrifice is a must

they'll be the jewels of our heart

one thing you should know

i am bad at expressing



if you find me at loss of words

please be smart about it

and read my mind

be my telepathy

if someday we feel like we're bored of each other

you would remind me of all the good times

i would remind you of the funniest times

silliest things you did

i did

we did


we would grow old together..

where do you want to spend your old days?

our retirement

would you want to know where i want to be?

that's a privilege information

i'll only disclose to you

if we've truly made up our mind

about us

all i can say is,

i've spent half of my year there

i love the place

it suits my ideal of living

let's be old there

but then,

we have to remember

we have obligation


would you be there during my highs and lows?

no, the question is..

would i be there as well?

would we be able to support each other?

through hard days

through silly fights

would we be able to bear it all?

would the two of us.. strong?

.....these things that you, i and everyone want..

why can't they ever be real?

why do these only stay in the imaginary mind?



you can't always get what you want.

p/s: to you; which existence is yet to be known.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

you just knew.

do you believe that when you first meet someone, if you have connection with that person, you just knew?

when your eyes first meet each other..

you just knew something's going to happen between both of you.

that, you are going to get close.

that, you and her/him are going to be more than this.

you have the feeling of curiosity

so curious.

you would want to know more about them

more, and more.

because, to you, at the time, she/he is the most interesting person to you.

all sort of emotions were flushing through your mind


there's something - a thread, is connecting, binding you and them

it is out of your control

all the events that's been happening, it will only lead to you and them.

strengthening the bond

it has been written on the walls

for both of you.

over time, suddenly you realize you are so in love

you found out that you just want to be by their side more than anything

you care about them more than anything

you just..knew.

this is what we are supposed to be.


..and when it's the time,


you hate it.

as is that person.

it is a mutual emotion.

if you were feeling all of those..


keep them in your heart.

please treat them with love.


because you two are meant for each other.