Saturday, December 31, 2011

RECAP: chanz in 2011

Blog is a diary right? So aku nak recap sikit sebanyak pasal kisah hidup aku tahun 2011 yang takde la spesel mana, sama ja macam korang.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Worry ends when faith begins..

When you feel you've lost it all
When you don't know who's your friend or foe
You wonder why you're so alone
Worry ends when faith begins

Don't be sad by what you see
It's true life has its miseries
But one thing's always worked for me
Worry ends when faith begins..

- Sami Yusuf, from his album Wherever You Are

P/S: Just put your trust in Allah. :)

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Driving to work

Wake up at 4.30am, driving to workkkk~ Lalalalaaaa~

Yeah right, like I really love my job. I think I can't do this shift working hours anymore...My sleep time is messed up.

You don't like your job when you think twice, no, thrice or MANY TIMES when you want to go to work.

BUT, I still need to go to work. I have to be strong!

So I need something to boost my spirit! Music!

These are my playlist of driving to work.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Prejudis terhadap foreigner

Dua minggu aku bekerja tetiba aku kena ikut supervisor aku jumpa department sekuriti.

"Ada barang hilang kat ward."


Dan suspeknya adalah staf PSD (aka atendan yang tolong serve kat patient) yang asalnya dari Bangladesh.

Aku dengan blur-blurnya baru dua minggu, ikut je la si supervisor aku. Staf aku tu pun aku tak tau nama dia. lulz. Katanya ada dompet hilang.

Thanks Pakcik Papago!

Kita tak pernah tahu dan hargai sesuatu benda tu sampai la ia berguna kat kita.

GPS sangat berguna.


Pergi beli android dan install Papago sekarang!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Kisah Robot 2 Minggu


Benda ni subjektif. Pengalaman aku jadi catering dietitian tak sama dengan orang lain.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My First Offline Meeting

Serius. Ia pelik.

It's like you know so much about them but you never really meet them, see their faces. lol

So I've met my diet colleague from UIA: epah, ramadan & hilmi.

All three I met online.

What's weirder we met in the hallway, unplanned, while walking in the opposite direction, we never met face to face but it's like I can recognize who they are.

Internet is weird.

I hope I'm going to meet my gforummers buddy as well after this. ahha~


Friday, November 11, 2011


Lagu-lagu di hari lahirku.

Nowseeheart - Kurnia
Imam Muda - Ujian Hidup
Devotees - Selagi Hayatmu Di Sini

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Be careful what you wish for....

......cuz you might just get it.

Well. This happened to me many times.

Especially last night!

I went to the mall yesterday afternoon, saw Big Apple outlet and suddenly craving for one. lmao. But as a dietetics graduand and a NEET, I decided to not get it.

And last night suddenly at 10pm I saw Big Apple Donuts on my kitchen stove!!! Magic!!! har3

Apa lagik..tibai dua bijik.

#truestory okay.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Reviu Drama: JIN

I do not usually make a review about jdrama..but this one is special.

The best jdrama this year, and probably ever (for me it does).

Jidaigeki genre is not my stuff. My most memorable jidaigeki are Peace Maker Kurogane & Samurai Champloo. Not much a fan of Rurouni Kenshin.

So, a lil bit about this subarashii jdrama.

To Malays, need to remind you this got nothing to do with genie paranormal metaphysics. ahha

Synopsis: The story follows a brain surgeon named, Minakata Jin, who has spent the last two years in anguish, as his fiancee lies in a vegetative state after an operation he performed. One day, he faints at the hospital and awakens to find himself transported back in time to the Edo period. He is soon attacked by a samurai, but he escapes with the help of a man named Kyotaro. Kyotaro suffers a serious injury to the head while trying to protect him, but Jin manages to save his life despite a lack of proper medical equipment. Because of that, Kyotaro's sister Saki begins taking an interest in Jin and becomes his assistant. Meanwhile, Jin is determined to find a way back to the present. - Tokyograph.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bigbadwolf sudah sampai!!


Saya sudah dapat buku-buku yang dikirim pada encik Ashraf Muslim aminz!

Sebenarnya dah dapat lama, 26hb lagi. Baru ada mood nak share kat blog lol.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011


YUI is going to release her twentieth single, "Green" on 5/10/11.

Looks like YUI-san also likes green. :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Susu Anjing

Tadi pergi Econsave Jawi, terserempak dengan seekor anjing yang mana...breast2 nya jelas kelihatan digunakan menyusu anak.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Hotline to Hell

Anda rasa anda dibuli? Dikeji? Dipijak-pijak? Dipandang rendah?

Anda rasa dunia ini tidak adil?

Anda berdendam dengan seseorang?

Bos anda? Boyfriend anda? Rakan anda?

Jangan bimbang.

Buka website ini.

Ia hanya akan muncul pada tepat 12 tengah malam.

Kalau taknak tunggu pukul 12, buka yang ini pun boleh. 

Jika page keluar sila tulis nama manusia jahat itu.

Enma Ai akan uruskan segala-galanya...

Ippen shinde miru?
(tl: nak cuba mati tak?)

inb4 syirik

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reviu Merepek: Hantu Bonceng

Nothing to be expected from Malay films.

They are (most of them) just plain boring.

I don't even bother to criticize this movie.

I expect something new, something unexpected from Zizan. But nah...

I wanted to watch Final Destination, but all my friends already watched it, so...

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Pernah tak apabila tengah isi borang keluar soalan ini.

"Nyatakan pemimpin tempatan/luar negara yang anda paling sanjungi/kagumi/idola."

Terkedu tergamam?

Tak tau nak tulis apa?

Friday, August 26, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011


Safu: Shion. There's something I want from you.

Shion: Oh.. Okay. If it's something I can give you on such short notice.

Safu: Seishi.

Shion: Huh?

Thursday, August 18, 2011


The road that leads to tomorrow is always near you
No matter how hard the days are, someday you’ll laugh about it
Don’t worry, it’s all right!
You can make it, you can find the meaning of life
We all have one life to live!
Nobody knows the right road to take
But that’s what life’s about, let’s go and not lose sight of our precious feelings
 GReeeeN  -

At times like this, GReeeeN keeps me strong.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Agak-agaknya, kenapa kebanyakan ibu bapa suka menamakan anak mereka after nama ibu bapa mereka?

Sebab takde idea nak letak nama?
Sebab rindu kat ibu bapa mereka?
Sebab tidak mahu melupakan kewujudan insan berjasa pada mereka?


Thursday, August 11, 2011


Whether our meeting was coincidence
Or fate, just the fact that we met
Is a miracle

Our meeting is just one small thing
In a big world, but just the fact that we met
Is a miracle

- GReeeeN

Ia suatu keajaiban.

Cermin & Charisma

Anda pernah main game the Sims? Tak pernah? Pergi main sekarang!!


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My generation

"I got sick of expecting things and I got lonely. But I had no intention of giving up!" - YUI, from her song, My generation. 



kisah camping

So..I went for camping last two weeks. Here just pieces of the story about the camping, from my perspective, observation and experience there. Actually, this is just like a journal report. Diary. Whatever it is.

Date: 26-27.7.11
Venue: Pantai Kerachut, Taman Negara Pulau Pinang
Activity: Jungle trekking, camping, bbqing, mandi pantai, tuju kasut, photoshoot, sesi luahan hati, fishing

(tengok aktiviti2 nya pun dah terkesima?)

Monday, August 1, 2011

so many

So many

So many things.

This life.

So many things you want to do.

So many things you want to be.

So many things you want to have.

So many things you want to read.

So many things you want to know.

So many things you want to watch.

So many songs you want to listen.

So many games you want to play.

So many things you want to love.

So many things you want to write.

So many. Too many.

In the end, nothing even matters.

What matters is your taqwa to Allah. Your pledge to the Esa.

Selamat Menyambut Bulan Ramadhan. :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

At the age of 15, she already made up her mind.

I am....deeply impressed. Kagum.


tfsoc #4 - the hakims; prologue to alternate universe

tfsoc - the fictional story of chanz

this is tl;dr post. don't read it please. seriously, you get bored.

So..I can't sleep. And these came to mind.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Back then when I was Form 5, I got a lot of dreams. A lot of vision. Things to do. To accomplish.

Now. Nada. Nothing. Betsuni.


How did I become like this?

I's because I took Dietetics...




Oh Dapat RM700 juta! like usual, I checked my gmail's inbox.

And man how wtfbbq I felt when I open this email.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Hakim

So...I found a way to communicate with people from other universe. It's a world like ours, there is Hakim as well. Only difference is he might have taken other path in life.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

thefictionalstoryofchanz #3 - ringu

Tersebutlah kisah Upin dan Ipin mengekori kakaknya, Kak Ros ke kedai barang kemas....

Sila baca dengan nada Upin Ipin dan Kak Ros for the ultimate feeling.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

[Reviu Game] 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Platform: NDS
Genre: Mistery, thriller, text-based adventure
Developer: Chunsoft
Release Date: Nov 16, 2010

Synopsis: 999 is a text adventure game that follows the story of Junpei, a college student who finds himself involved in a deadly conspiracy. He and 8 others have been kidnapped and must play a series of deadly games to win their freedom...

In Nine Hours players only have 9 hours before Junpei and 8 other kidnapped victims are drowned. Numerology, music composition and logic puzzles are just a few of the 32 + obstacles that stand in the way of their freedom. Then in 9 Persons Jumpei must uncover the mystery surrounding the lives of the captive characters and how their blurry pasts reveal a disturbing future. Finally in 9 Doors each hostage is cursed with a digital watch that displays their special number. These numbers are the keys to unlocking the 9 doors. Junpei must explore his surroundings for clues to unlock the next door by picking up and examining objects in the different environments.
- ign

Friday, July 8, 2011

[Reviu Merepek] Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

Now what's all the fuss about this film? Ceh...

Short comments:

It's soooooo long! Easy plot, cliche cliche cliche. The sound of machine never impressed me. Hot girls? Nah you see them everywhere.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bersediakah Aku?

Bersediakah aku?

Hendak menempuh alam pekerjaan ni.

Sibuk cari kerja. Kononnya nak kerja. Sedangkan kat rumah terlalu rasa selesa. Zon selesa. Macam katak. kero kero~

Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh Fesbuk


Laman sosial maya. Tak real. Tapi berguna.

Pernah tak korang tetiba jumpa kawan sekolah rendah korang yang dah lama tak jumpa, korang pernah jumpa sekali je pada tahun 2006 dan setelah 5 tahun korang rasa korang ternampak dia di stesen bas, cuma korang rasa dia macam lain dari 5 tahun lepas. Kurus, dan lebih kacak. Korang tak pasti nak tegur ke tak. Sebab kalau korang tegur kang nanti...sama ada jadi seperti situasi di bawah.

I can't believe that I watch kdrama

Tak percaya pada diri sendiri.


Aku ini anti sikit korea korea ni.

Taktau camna aku boleh layan kdrama, dan juga kpop!

Kdrama bagi aku dah la panjang amat. Satu episod dah sejam, pulak tu satu series sampai 20 episod. Jdrama 10 episod dah setel! Pahtu kpop sangat overrated. Peminat minat terlebih2 sampai apa ntah. Okay, itu persepsi dulu.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Reviu Merepek: Juvana

Drama Melayu yang berjaya menarik perhatian aku selain Nur Kasih...Itulah Juvana~

Monday, June 20, 2011

Motivation to Get a Job!

Pernahkah anda berada dalam situasi begini...

"haih ada duit ni aku dah pasang internet streamyx ka wimax dah ni.."
"bila nak ada kereta sendiri ni...myvi cambez kot."

Friday, June 17, 2011

mumblejumblerumble #1 - the unproductive & lackadaisical state

what is mumble? according to thefreedictionay by farlex,
1. to speak words indistinctly, as by lowering the voice or partially closing the mouth.
2. to chew food slowly or ineffectively, as if with the gum

okeh. jumblerumble is just a wordplay. daah. there will be another random entry like this, so I might as well explain it right now!!

to make me looked like i am mumbling, i will use lower cases for all of the alphabets here!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

[Coretan Gamer #1] - Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Release Date: November 29, 2010
Platform: Nintendo DS
Genre: RPG
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Camelot Software Planning>

I am so addicted to this game right now!!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Setiap kali habis tengok satu episod anime, akan kuar perkataan..


Tiada. Tiada tsuzuku. Tamat sudah.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Reviu Merepek: Karak

Banyaknya duit aku gi tengok muvi lagi eh?

Tak plan pun, takdak niat pun nak tengok citer ni.

Just happen that kekawan datang kenduri kawan aku sorang ni. Then, what's next? Fikir kami nak buat aktiviti apa pulak. Other group went to karaoke, and my group went to cinema.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fourteen Years Old

If time travel ever possible, I want to go back to the fourteen years old me.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

[Reviu Band #4] Noctura did it again.

Made me stumble upon another female-fronted rock band while lurking on We Are The Fallen page.

Who and what is Noctura?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Memilihkah saya?

Baru balik dari walk-in interview kat USM Induk.

Fuh banyaknya company mai.

Awat semuanya nak engineer???

Pergi isi borang then pi interview.

Terjumpa la rakan-rakan, kenalan masa matrik Penang yang semuanya engin grad.

Setelah bercerita pasal kawan2 lain mana menghilang, aku tanya:

I've read this! #1 - Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood

Bertarikh 13 Mei 2011, aku berjaya habiskan novel ni. Beli sejak praktikal kat Hospital Taiping, bulan Februari tapi sekarang baru nak abeh baca! Awat slownya da..haha. Nak buat camna sibuk kot lepas praktikal hari tu.

Aku ringkaskan sinopsis novel ini:
Berkisarkan tentang kisah hidup pelajar universiti di Jepun lewat era 1960-70an iaitu Toru. Beliau telah kehilangan kawan baik ketika sekolah menengah, Kizuki dan ia memberikan impak yang besar padanya dan juga girlfriend Kizuki, Naoko. Secara ringkasnya, ia berkisarkan hidup pelajar universiti - romance, life as a student, life dilemma, stress, slice of life.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rambut 2

Gua sudah potong rambut.

Reviu Merepek: Nur Kasih the Movie


Sesuai ke perkataan tersebut dengan citer ni?

Secara keseluruhannya, i like it. Not bad la. Ada jugak twist kat hujung plot. Membuatkan orang cuba mengguess siapakah watak itu, watak ini. Nice one.

Baca lebih lanjut kalau yang belum tengok dan nak tengok. Tapi.. amaran. Spoiler alert! Kalau dah tengok atau memang taknak tengok sila la baca. Tapi jangan bimbang aku tak spoil ending, just scene scene tertentu jek.

bertemu cinta bagai cahaya

Kabir Bhatia memang awesome.

Bagi aku citer ni awesome. Sepatutnya ni citer sedih betul? Tapi tak bagi aku, ia awesome.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Finally finished watching Gundam 00 Movie

I don't know why, but I got a lot of interference while watching this movie. Three times!

First, at the first 20 minutes of watching, my mom asked me to babysit a 5 months old boy because she wanted to cook.

Second, in the middle of 60 minutes watching, my father asked me to follow him to get the car left at the workshop.

While the last one, suddenly my uncle from Johor decided to visit my family. Once they arrived, of course I got to meet, got to know them blah blah..As I said previously, we rarely meet.

Nak layan movie pun susah. So much for being a NEET!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Baru Nak Kenal Sepupu

Hari ini, abang mak aku dari Johor mai rumah.



Keluarga belah Johor yang mana sangat la yang aku kenal.

lol betul.

Sanak sedara memang overrated.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Altec Lansing VS4121 yang awesome!

Now who needs cinema when you have a superb speaker at home!!

Just finished watching Saw 7 BluRay rip with this speaker.

I feel greatness!!


Cancer and its damages

I always wonder. Why would some medical students want to change their courses. I know they never failed in their pro exam, but they decided to have a change of heart. Unless they really failed the exams, that I understand lah. What I didn't understand was for those brilliant people who suddenly stopped being a medical student in the middle of studying (let's say fourth/third year), changing to other courses.

I still did not get why my seniors in USMKK, left medicine and went to dietetics, biomedicine. (usmkk-ians, you know who i meant). I never asked them why. Cuz I don't think they will be able to answer my curiosity... Better not ask right?

And this is a story of my friend. Let's call him Luffy.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Like A Song

This is one of the reasons I like singer-songwriter.

Lenka - Like A Song

I can't forget you when you're gone
You're like a song that goes around in my head
And how I regret, it's been so long
Oh, what went wrong? Could it be something I said?

Time, make it go faster or just rewind
To back when I'm wrapped in your arms

Dum dum da da da dum (Lenka humming. sounds very good~)

All afternoon long it's with me the same song
You left a light on inside me, my love
I can remember the way that it felt to be
Holding on to you

I can't forget you when you're gone
You're like a song that goes around in my head
And how I regret, it's been so long
Oh what went wrong? Could it be something I said?

Time, make it go faster or just decide
To come back to my happy heart

Gua dapat feel apa yang cuba disampaikan dalam lagu ini. Liriknya pun begitu kreatif.

Itulah kelebihan penyanyi yang menulis lagu sendiri!

Loving Lenka right now~ :P

Sunday, May 8, 2011

and so it ends..

It is the end.

I am not going to come here...ever. Am I?

Unless...I continue my

My spirit, my determination has gone down..sedikit, after I listened to the stories of my senior who currently doing his Master's degree. It's not really that easy, dude to continue your study.

Tonight, however, the hope is getting up, sedikit, after our Prof Shaharum encouraging us especially Diet, Med Rad to continue study. Well, I heard before that Biomed people said he always encouraging people to continue study..still, when you heard someone telling you "GO FURTHER STUDY!"..that is enough for you to be motivated.

Want to know my plan when I get back home?

I'll try to be a RA first. Research Assistant. At USM Induk. And then, I will be able to get to know my supervisor, all the lecturers there, and then getting the hang of doing research. I could try continue my study there.

Let's pray that my plan would work.

And, let's hope that I won't waste my time only by playing games, watching animes when I got back home!!

Someone please remind me to stop being a hikikomori!!!

P/S: Need a Misaki-chan. :P

Friday, May 6, 2011

O Beggars

Am I a bad person?

For thinking that he is a fake?

For thinking that beggars are very annoying people in the society?

For thinking that I should not give my money to them?

I am not sure to feel empathetic or what seeing these people in the crowd.

Pathetic, perhaps.

Just got back from "pasar malam", the one I usually go every Friday in Kubang Kerian.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gin no Saji: New Manga by Hiromu Arakawa

So.. I've been reading this new manga by Hiromu Arakawa - Gin no Saji (Silver Spoon). The mangaka was known for creating such a legendary series, Fullmetal Alchemist hence I have expectation for her new work. Yep, "her". The mangaka is a woman. :)

This time...there is no robot walking superpower ability...just...just ANIMALS. Read the synopsis below.

A young boy named Yugo Hachiken apparently aspire to live separated from his family. So he took the chance by enrolling to an agriculture school, one which required its students to live at dormitory. He thinks, with his talent in studying, no problem will arise no matter what kind of school he goes to. But he's proven wrong. Grown up as all-easy-to-get city boy, he is forced to uncover not-too-convenient truth about agricultural life. Enjoy the story of Hachiken, as he trying to keep up with his friends, farmers' heirs who are already accustomed to hardworking farm life.

Source: Manga Updates

There are four chapters so far.

And here are my comments:

WARNING: Spoiler alert. ahak

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Rambut saya sekarang sangat serabai.

Sangat panjang.

Saya nak try tengok setakat mana rambut ini, sejauh mana rambut jejaka kacak ini boleh pergi.

Tiap-tiap hari saya guna syampu tahu. Katanya syampu tu ada efek meluruskan rambut. Tapi tak straight straight jugak. Tipu. Belacan! cehh

Rasanya kena pakai hair product macam Dr Derek Shepherd ar. Baru boleh dipanggil Mr McDreamy ke, McSanji ke, gagagaaaa....

Jangan McDonald sudah....

sekian nukilan super random malam ini

Saya Post Ikut Suka

Kadang-kadang, bila nak post sesuatu kat blog aku terfikir gak apa rasanya perasaan pembaca aku ni. Dorang nak baca ke. Peduli ke dorang. Risau pun ada. Mana tahu ada yang teroffense dengan tulisan aku. Mana tahu ada yang anggap tulisan aku ni sangat stup*d. Saya tak suka dianggap stup*d. Mana la tahu kan.

Kemudian aku fikir balik pada tujuan aku berblog, aku bukannya nak orang baca sangat sebenarnya. Tujuan aku blog: Apa yang terlintas kat kepala aku, aku tulis. Aku nak ia dijadikan bentuk tulisan. Documented. The thoughts that should be kept in words. Dan biasanya aku gunakan twitter. Tapi twitter takleh panjang-panjang. Kang ada orang tensen bila aku banyak-banyak tulis kat timeline dorang lak..

Biasanya orang tulis blog akan mengubah isinya mengikut siapa pembaca blog mereka. Kalau yang baca tu banyak kaki anime, tulis la pasal anime. ahak. Tapi aku, rasa tak sesuai nak buat camtu. I mean, rasa macam terkongkong dalam menulis sesuatu. Nak kena guna bahasa yang elok la apa la.

So, kepada pembaca sekalian saya ingin minta maaf kalau bahasa yang digunakan adakalanya tidak matang dan tidak appropriate. Dan content yang saya ingin sampaikan adakalanya terlalu nonsense tak masuk dek akal. Dan adakalanya saya bukan serius pun menyatakan sesuatu perkara tu, tapi dianggap serius oleh pembaca. Dan adakalanya saya menjadi sangat emo saya pun taktau kenapa saya tulis macam tu kat sini. ahak

Anyway, thanks for being my readers everyone. I didn't ask for it yet you are reading and commenting my entries. I appreciated the time that you've used to read and do that.

Well, nama pun blog. Blog itu merepek. :P

Let's Rage #2 - Fake YUI!?

what the............

this is YUI.

It's a girl. A cute girl.

Finally I've reached this episode of Grey's Anatomy lulz!

I've been marathoning Grey's Anatomy since last semester break before going practical, after I able to leech a lot of US TV series from my friend, analyser. :) thanks dude. Smallville, Bones, Numb3rs, Dexter, etc there were a lot of series I got from him which had run for more than 4-5 seasons (took a lot of time to finish), and.. I decided to watch Grey's Anatomy first.

Now why would I want to watch this series?

Friday, April 29, 2011

I don't understand #2 - Kpop

I will never ever ever like Kpop and never going to understand why people like Kpop.

Once upon a time, I tried listening to kpop. A group by the name; DBSK? G-Dragon? After listening, I was like, "wth is this? zzz".

Wapanese #1 - Hikikomori

Suatu hari, dindiet bertanyakan soalan pada encik chanz melalui google talk.

"Hikikomori tu apa?"

Just about when I decided to make entries about wapanese stuff.

Sebagai seorang yang agak alim (cewah) tentang dunia manganime dan sikit-sikit tentang Jepun, chanz nak kongsi la sikit pengetahuan tentang terms, ungkapan yang digunakan among Jepun/US manganime cultures.

So the first one is - Hikikomori.


Pertama kali jumpa perkataan ni adalah melalui majalah kesayangan chanz, Starz. Semua isu Starz chanz ada, sehinggalah...Starz diberhentikan kerana...bos Gempakstarz kata orang Malaysia tak layan anime!!! betul ke? huuhu

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

thefictionalstoryofchanz #2 - time travel

Somehow... in the future scientists had found a way to make time travel possible..and chanz went back to the year 2007...



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I choose you, Piplup!

Gua sedang main game Pokemon sekarang.

Pokemon Pearl.

Generasi keempat pokemon.

Gua dah main pokemon sejak dari generasi satu lagi.

Sejak dari Pokemon Blue, Crystal, dan Ruby gua suka main water type pokemon.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

BBQ #2 - Last Diet Gath

Kinou yoru wa....(betul ka grammar aku..hahak)

Write in BM senang.

Semalam 22 April 2011 juga Earth Day, kami bebudak diet buat BBQ.

Rasanya bukan BBQ jek. Macam-macam lagik.

Main game. Galah panjang. I love you I hate you.

Makan time.

Tukar-tukar hadiah time.

Celebrating birthday girls and boy.

Berucap-ucapan bernangis-nangisan.

Berpeluk-pelukan. (ni saya tak terlibat okay...:P)

Berkemas-kemasan of cos.

Tak lupa bergambar-gambaran ler..


dindiet yang rajin bako hanya di kamera..ehhe

The Wadefook! #6 - Oh Maybank Alert

Benda ni dah lama.

Ada yang berjaya kena tipu.

Ada yang pandai tak kena tipu.

Yang tak boleh blahnya, aku bukannya ada akaun Maybank pun!!

dam esss

click for the large

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sudah Lama Tak Menulis Pakai....PEN!

Dua hari exam berturut-turut.

Dah ler jarang menulis pakai tangan.

Dengan aircondnya.

Mau kebas pergelangan tangan dan jari gue.


Friday, April 15, 2011

thefictionalstoryofchanz #1 - prologue

This time, I will do it. I will say it. I will act on it.

I will hold you in my arms and I will never let you go.

We will always be together like we did before.

I give it up for just one more day with you.

Just please, please..! stay with me.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ano toki wa.. #2 - Aku, SKPTM dan Zaman Kanak-Kanak

Okay ar. Join contest. Hadiah dari New Zealand tuhh. Cambez. Misteri misteri.

Tagged by Mus, Contest by NurusSalwa.

Syarat contest:

1) Letak header blogger tu:

2) Link kan ke blognya:

3) Ceritakan tentang kenangan zaman sekolah.

4) Tag 2 orang at least.

5) Tinggalkan link kat blog si pembuat contest.

Orait, here you go.

Lepas baca entri Mus, terus rasa nak tulis Malay. haha. Here I am.

Taktau la citer aku menarik ke tak. Banyak sangat citer zaman sekolah ni eh. huu

1) Nama sekolah: Sek Keb Permatang Tok Mahat aka SKPTM
2) Rumah aku depan sekolah masa darjah 5-6. Anak cikgu la kan. Tiap kali rehat balik makan kat rumah. Nak ponteng kelas tak boleh kantoi cikgu datang rumah. zzz
3) Nama kelas aku dari Darjah 1-6: Biru Biru Biru Merah Merah Merah. haa best tak?

Ha ni la kenangan zaman sekolah aku! Tak cukup menarik ke info atas tu. :P

wawaaa kasi penampar sikit budak ni?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ano toki wa.. #1 - First & Second Week in USMKK

This entry is about my perception back then. In my first and second week in USMKK. How I felt about it. How I thought it's going to be. And about these guys I met, during my first and second week here.


I never came to Kelantan. I got no relatives here. I was alone. No friends from matric/school either.

Back then, the first person I ever met on my first day here was Ajon. We met already during UTP Educamp just 2-3 weeks before. We were in the same group. I hardly remembered him lawl. He remembered me as "naughty boy". The label I got from the lecturer in our group. Don't ask me why. There was a session during the educamp we had to tell about our "success stories" other than academics. Ajon talked about soccer. That I remembered. Me? I talked about nasyid. How is that for a naughty boy? gaga

Dietitian vs Doctor!

Pos ke...tiga hari ni!

Dah kecoh aku post kat grup diet kami - 4th Yr Dietetics 1011. Saja hiburkan hati selepas viva kan.

Kepada yang lain, boleh la tengok video ni. hehe.

Dan kepada medic student, no offense!! or, please don't be like this doctor, k? I know you are not a moron.. :P

Pastikan anda boleh buka youtube.

Daa~ nitez

The Wadefook #5 - Ikan Patin Harga RM13,000!!

Gila. ikan apakah ini (wadefish)?? ikan patin la...

I am the most expensive food ever.

Bacalah berita menakjubkan yang boleh masuk world's most expensive food neh.

Tersebutlah kisah encik Aiman datang dari KL bersama-sama 50 orang rakan semata-mata nak makan ikan patin yang cukup popular di Temerloh, Pahang. Sebab dia dah janji kawan-kawan dia tu, kalo depa dapat main dotA seminggu non stop dia akan belanja depa suma makan ikan patin! Mana tau tup tup depa leh lak pecah rekod..

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kisah VIVA

Dengan ini, saya sudah habis viva.

Viva budak diet tak sama dengan cos lain, yakni kami macam pergi interviu. Akan ditanya soalan2 oleh para panel menguji ilmu dan keyakinan diri.

Sesi viva aku ni boleh lah dibahagikan kepada 4 fasa.

Friday, April 8, 2011

BBQ #1 - USMKK Blogger Gath

Second entry from this blog.

Tonight we USMKK Blogger have made a gathering, doing some BBQ, icebreaking, games and photoshooting.

It's very nice actually. We got a USMKK Blogger badge. I got to meet another bloggers as well. Some I have known and some I don't really knew well.


Just see the pics.

Click for larger pic.


we are USMKK Blogger henshin~

pic no 2

the BBQ..

I will graduate in a few more weeks but..I guess I will always be part of this group? hehe

Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Blog, New Life, Content Still The Same Though

As everyone already knows.. my previous blog is infected by malware!

So I've decided to shut it down and make a new blog to prevent it from infecting other people.

Of course I miss that uncertainty blog.

"Gila ko tak sayang ke blog. Post dan komen2 hilang habis??"

Don't worry I've already exported my blog's content into a .xml format into my desktop. I will imported it later.

New blog, new life. But I am still me. Blogging about random emo things. Whatever going in my mind atm.

As to why my blog got infected, from google's explanation, it has something to do with my bloglist. It's a DDL Nihon blog stuff from one of my cyber frenz - whoami. He has abandoned his blog for years..and maybe that's why it's filled with malwares.

But google also said it might be due to third be exact a hacker! That "uncertainty" blog suddenly got attacked just after I posted about ABPH. Condemning the event, always the same winner, something like that. and just a minute later..."REPORTED ATTACK SITE" wtfbbq? There's a possibility's because of that post I got attacked? ahaaakkk~ popular what my blog...

To those unable to open their blog because of my malware prob, I...uh...gomen!!! I also had my difficulties to deal with the problem.

So peace and out~

Sunday, April 3, 2011

ABPH Yang Pointless, Senseless, etc etc

Aku tak nak cakap dari segi agama yang hiburan melalaikan blah blah. That is unarguable.

Aku nak cakap betapa pointless nya anugerah ni. Senseless, bak kata AKFG.


Kalau setiap tahun orang yang sama je menang. Baik tak payah. Rabbani. FBI. Fafau.


Bosan amat.

Terutama sekali Rabbani. Aku lost count berapa banyak kali dorang dah menang. Sejak aku kecik minum botol susu (okay exaggerated terlebih) Rabbani je yang menang.

Bagi la peluang kat artis nasyid aka boy band lain (sarcasm sarcasm) yang tengah melonjak naik cuba nak jadi popular jugak! Artis nasyid dengan nama tak boleh blah tuu...Ok fine, it's nice! lulz

Aku respek Siti Nurhaliza kerana humility yang ditunjukkannya dengan menarik diri dari ABPH neh.

Lain kali panggil artis luar cam YUI ke, AKFG ke, Arashi ke, SNSD ke (okay aku taktau artis KPOP sangat) jadi calon anugerah ni, baru la maju sket industri hiburan negara!! hua hua hua.

Bukan ada ke kategori artis luar negara sebelum ni? Ada ke? Kalo takdak pon buat baru. Dorang ni taktau ke kat Malaysia ni ramai KPOP-tard. Depa yang paling popular tau tak? Talk about tak alert dengan berita semasa huh? Ha Maher Zain ka.

Dan saya tidak pun menonton acara ni kat TV. Hanya updated melalui twitter.

Ini antara karutan terlampau saya pernah buat. Minta maap. bye sambung buat kerja.

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10:59pm, 03/04/11

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lunch Diary #2 - Nasi Kak Wook!

Okeh. Kepada orang luar Kelantan atau orang yang tak pernah datang Kelantan, terutamanya Kubang Kerian/Kota Bharu.

Nah aku perkenalkan Nasi Kak Wook.

Setiap hari Jumaat (Jumuah Jumuah), lepas habis solat aku akan makan Nasi Kak Wook. Apa yang speselnya nasi ni?

Entah lah, Ajinomoto perhaps. Dan lemak nakal si trans fat.

Menu dia hanya nasi putih + ayam goreng + gulai + sambal. Harga dibahagikan mengikut kuantiti RM2.50, RM3, RM4, RM5...

Eh aku tak tunjuk gambar lagi eh. Tengok ler Nasi Kak Wook RM3 aku makan lunch hari ini. haha

Not palatable or appetizing? Try makan sekali tengok. Aku pun masa mula2 try rasa biasa je. Masa first yr ikut geng budak Sports Science yakni geng Adam try makan. Apa kebenda ni? Nasi gulai + ayam goreng je? Mana sayur????? Kalo setakat 2 potongan super kecik kacang panjang & terung bek tak payah.

Must be the MSG.

And the trans fat.

And the saltiness of sambal.

The unhealthy things of cos sedap!

P/S: Ada orang pesan nasi kak wook RM5 tadi masa tengah beli. Banyak nya ko makan...

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kitten Neko Nya Nya~

Tersebutlah kisah seekor, eh tak, dua ekor anak kucing..

Semalam, dalam kelam kabut aku dalam perjalanan hendak ke Bilik Seminar Perpustakaan Hamdan Tahir, (laluan biasa dari Murni tu..) setibanya aku dekat dengan tangga ke bilik lecturer baru tu, aku terserempak dengan seekor anak kucing!

Nyaa nyaa nyaa
aaa kucing i takut i takut.

Buat apa nak takut kucing? lol. Kucing adalah antara haiwan yang paling jinak kat dunia ni! Dan comel.

Neko-chan. Ichiro

Disebabkan aku tengah kelam kelibut nak present, nervous suma ada, aku abaikan je kucing tu di khalayak ramai di tengah-tengah laluan. Lepas tu, lepas tu kan tetiba aku rasa serba salah. Ish. What if ada orang tersepak, tertendang or terpijak kucing kecik comel tu? Giler ah. Tragik. Isk.. Tapi aku pun kalut, aku biar je.

Malamnya aku mimpi pasal kucing. Mungkin ada kaitan dengan memori aku kat rumah. Anak-anak kucing masuk rumah. Mak aku bising. Aku tolong bawa keluar. Dan bagi ikan kat mak kucing. It did happen in real life. Somehow my brain suddenly released that memory in sleep.

Jiro & Keiko

Esoknya, pagi dalam perjalanan hendak ke Bilik Persidangan PPSK, aku jumpa anak kucing lagi! Bersama2 disaksikan cik anne. Aku hiraukan gak. Mau gak aku tolong angkat letak kat tepi jalan, tapi...Haihh. Apa la mak kucing ni suka sangat tinggalkan anak dia merayau-rayau.

Kesimpulannya, sayangilah kucing!!

Have you forgot that our beloved DORAEMON IS A CAT!!


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ketogenic Diet Geek

Dengan ini berlabuhlah tirai saya menjadi seorang yang geek dalam ketogenic diet! haha. Ada ke boleh tidak menjadi geek/enthusiast lagi dah?

1) Syukur Alhamdulillah dapat present dengan baik tadi. Thanks my cosmate for paying a full attention. And especially thanks to my "beloved" lecturer for not firing me. tehehe

dunno why but i like this pic!! it's during our diet dinner this year lol

2) GTD 405 Nutrition & Dietetics Seminar telah membuatkan aku tidur hanya 4-5 jam selama 3 hari. nutjob betol. Baca jurnal bagai nak rak. Highlight highlight kuning kuning kuning. Tapi bagus gak sebenarnya, aku dapat belajar dan lebih faham pasal ketogenic diet ni. ahak.

3) Presentation hari ni bagi aku lesson bahawa aku kena praktis aku nye English, as in SPEAKING. Huuu. Today, when they asked me questions, I really have a hard time to use English fully for explaination, there always a tendency for me to use Malay.

"this ketogenic diet tuuu"
"efficacy lah"


In my brain, I always think in English, but when I want to speak it, words are just never coming out!!

4) After this presentation, somehow it boosts my self-esteem a lil bit. Maybe becos my lecturer's choice of words to say..I felt appreciated lah after presenting! Compare with yesterday's SU presentation....I felt a lil bit down after present.

5) Last but not least, ask me anything about ketogenic diet!!! hahahaa...

6) On an unrelated note, my rumet just passed his paediatric posting exam. We both stay awake at night until 3-4am this week. I thought he was playing games, but actually he's studying!! Tahniah tahniah to ourselves~~

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7:45pm, 30/03/11

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sambung Master - PhD...?

Nak sambung ke? Sambung ke?

My dad keep telling me to continue study. I replied saying this field is not my field of interest. I wanted to do engin, something to do with math and physics. But I guess it's stupid to look back. Time to look forward. Let's say, I want to pursue my study (really? no). What topic should I focus on? It should still be something related to Dietetics & Nutrition. Tak boleh lari jauh sangat betul?

Honestly, I'm tired of this nutrition stuff. Mostly talking about prevention, eat A will cause/prevent B, guidelines, blah2.

Let's say I really want to continue study. Dr Zafarina said we must be creative about our research topic. So..I am going to do (fill in the blanks please). Haha. Actually, I do have an idea about what topic should I do. But I don't think it's a good idea to share with my competitors out there. ahak
(macam la ko betul2 nak sambung...)

Even if I decide to continue study, will I be able to get the fellowship? Or any sponsor to fund my study? My CGPA is not really that cemerlang... Duit oh duit.

Plus, will I be able to finish my study? Doing thesis?? My course is the only one without final year project, so I never have any experience. Wait, wait. Does doing a survey and make an abstract count?


Ok enough of pessimistic talk.

Let us be optimistic like Dr Izzie Stevens.

"You will come through this!!"

. gojes beb. She is too hot to be a doctor. Every hot girls should be stupid and dumb! Well, I guess it just happens on the TV. IRL?

P/S: What we want is exactly what we need. But sometimes..what we need is a new plan.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lunch Diary #1

Entri ini patut disiarkan minggu lepas lagi. Disebabkan masalah laptop, so ditangguhkan.

Minggu lepas, yakni 28/2-4/3 merupakan minggu terakhir aku berpraktikal di Hospital Taiping. Maka... bebudak ni pun plan nak makan bersama-sama dietitian.

Dimulakan dengan..

28/02/11 - KFC

Kedua-dua menu kat atas menu baru, so first time try. Boleh la tahan. Rasa macam KFC la...Apa boleh dikatakan..

01/03/11 - Nasi Goreng Biasa

(bukan gambar sebenar)

beli kat kiosk depan klinik OPD jek. haha konon nak jimat akibat semalamnya menghabiskan duit. ni makan solo kat bilik. eh tak. dengan WaiKeng. skandal2

02/03/11 - Nasi Ayam Hainan

(juga bukan gambar sebenar)

Yang ni makan dengan chan & waikeng. Kedai dia depan A&E HTPG. So lepak...

Disebabkan keadaan tertentu, kami telah memesan...

03/03/11 - Pizza Hut

Percaya tak aku makan 4 slices je dah kenyang? Hayoo...

Dan..hari terakhir....sebelum pergi solat Jumaat...

04/03/11 - Kenny Rogers

First time aku makan kat sini. Sebelum ni kalo nak ajak kawan, semua taknak. Takut nak order. Tak biasa. Cess

Kenny Rogers actually lebih healthy. Dia masak panggang. Roasted. Kenyang pun kenyang sebab ada macam-macam. Cuma...bila bayar....pergh. Bila mahal, tax pun mahal. Total..?? (fortunately this is the only one not on my tab lol~)

Sekian sahaja saya punya food (lunch) diary untuk minggu lepas. Gila!! haha


P/S: What's next?

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Saya Rasa Saya Nak Jadi Translator/Editor

Sepanjang bergelar pelajar Dietetik di USM Kubang Kerian, selalu aku dapat permintaan dari kawan-kawan, dan juga staff nurse.

Mereka suruh aku tolong terjemahkan English ke Malay, Malay ke English, Malay/English ke Japanese tugasan mereka. Survei. Buku.

Ada juga yang minta aku semak tugasan tesis. Semak tatabahasa. Jadi editor la pulak. Quality checker!

Aku pun taktau la kenapa depa minta aku buat.

My English is only average. Mungkin la better sikit dari orang lain. (cewah merendah diri)

my future employer maybe?

Berapa buku dah aku translate? Baru 3 je. Takde la tebal. Dalam ~200 page setiap buku. Semua pasal nursing. Sebab yang minta tu adalah staff nurse yang sedang menyambung pengajian ijazah kat Open University. Semuanya aku buat masa second year. I really had fun that time. Bila kita cuba terjemah, kita juga belajar benda baru. Ilmu baru. Perkataan baru.

Sebenarnya, masa third year, ada gak beliau suruh aku buat lagi. Tapi disebabkan kesibukan klinikal yang macam hampeh, aku terpaksa menolak...huhuu

Tapi, aku taktau camna agaknya kerjaya ni. Selalu kerja ni kerja sambilan. Macam photographer, painter, etc etc. Berapa gaji? Kelayakannya? Kena belajar linguistik ke? Aku hanya dengar dari ayah aku ada anak kawannya kerja translator ni. Grad dari apa kot..Tapi beliau tu memang belaja bahasa asing betul-betul la. Aku belaja Jepun pun sekerat je. Duhh..

Praktikal tak idea aku ni?

Aku malas nak sambung Master, kalo sambung kena buat research la apa la. Coursework mana mau carik?

Apa yang pasti, being a dietitian is my last resort! zzzzz

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11:31am, 10/03/11

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I want to fly well

I keep running for shelter from the rain
I can’t go on like this
I don’t care if I get drenched

I want to fly well
But I don’t know how to fly
I don’t even know if I can fly
But I’ll go

I can’t wait for my chance
How many of the same old mornings
Have I counted so far, picturing the skyline

I want to fly well
In order to learn to fly...
You have to get out into the sky, to skyline


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1:29pm, 06/03/11