Saturday, November 14, 2015

you just knew.

do you believe that when you first meet someone, if you have connection with that person, you just knew?

when your eyes first meet each other..

you just knew something's going to happen between both of you.

that, you are going to get close.

that, you and her/him are going to be more than this.

you have the feeling of curiosity

so curious.

you would want to know more about them

more, and more.

because, to you, at the time, she/he is the most interesting person to you.

all sort of emotions were flushing through your mind


there's something - a thread, is connecting, binding you and them

it is out of your control

all the events that's been happening, it will only lead to you and them.

strengthening the bond

it has been written on the walls

for both of you.

over time, suddenly you realize you are so in love

you found out that you just want to be by their side more than anything

you care about them more than anything

you just..knew.

this is what we are supposed to be.


..and when it's the time,


you hate it.

as is that person.

it is a mutual emotion.

if you were feeling all of those..


keep them in your heart.

please treat them with love.


because you two are meant for each other.