Monday, August 29, 2016



you felt happiness.

you found reasons.


did it ever enough?

would it ever be enough?

of all the things that you would do,

you would prioritize the one person matters the most.

time and time again.

you chose the same.

to what extent?

was it worth your wish?

your desire?

your expectation?

because you knew, couldn't get it.

thus, you suppressed it,

kept it to yourself.

only to burst later on..

only to hurt yourself

only to hurt everyone

only to destroy what had you built.

time, money and efforts..

..crumbling to pieces.

happiness, gone.

at one point..

you started to realize,

that this was not it.

that maybe,

you should find something else?

other happiness..

that enough was enough.

the problem was,

could you ever stop?

could you ever deny it?

what we had, what we felt

don't you think, 

it's inevitable?

you tried your best

to accept things

to not think of it

it's hard


you are frozen.

in the time that you found your happiness.


the only thing you can do, pray.