Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Let's Rage #2 - Fake YUI!?

what the............

this is YUI.

It's a girl. A cute girl.

While this is...........

Sorry. But I don't think you are even a girl. You are a dude. Admit it. Shemale maybe?

Your songs' title are also stupid.

I'm baka?? Yeah right you are!!


Is this another copycat made by meleis???


Found this while lurking at the pages.

When I googled/amazon searched "Yui - Five Loves", I find nothing. Well who knows it might be another artist with the same name?


Done raging and burning. daaa...

P/S: I know this is too much of a fandom lol. I'm not really angry but just sad. zzz

edited: That is an actual artist, she is a female. I AM SORRY!! it's just...very sudden..your appearance..