Thursday, January 12, 2012

I don't know.

Is it true you put such high hope and trust on me? Why? What do I have? What do you see in me? Why me?

But it's true. When some of them heard I said "I've attended dotdot", they all suddenly stopped talking for a while, how to say, they were shocked to learn that perhaps?

What's so special about dotdot? People attending it not really that different from me. Plus that dotdot is just...another seminar. Nothing that is really exciting. Why you said I was chosen to attend it? He trusted me? He saw something in me? Ugh..I don't know. I hate it when I have to turn down people who believe in me.

And they said, I was lucky. I am on the right team. He is an awesome person. We are in the safe spot. This will sell. In 10 years this is a hits stuff. But uh..

They worship this person too much la. And that other person too. It's like they were god to them. This person is amazing, that person is awesome. Said that I was special to have a time with this person whom they never had time with.

Joining this has made me tired and took my money..

I just..don't know anymore.

I am waiting for you to ask, "Want or not? If not, we won't force you."

Even if you guys going to be successful in the future, I am not going to regret it. Or trying to ask "May I join?" I hope not.