Saturday, August 30, 2008

the first ever - NOOB in blogging

here i am, doing blogging thing..hua3.XD
well, this is the first try. i never blogging before. only read the others' blog. well, some of them good..some just not fun at all..
but the truth is..i really love to write, especially in internet - being active in the gforum and others..

well, it's what they call NOOB (pronounced as nub or the Malay people may just say it no-ob.XP). or in other word..newbie. newbie in blogging. this word first i known when i played the game, defense of the Ancients (DotA) which is really popular among adolescents (especially university students) nowadays...i dont know why..(why eh?)

well..still need a lot of things to Takuya Kimura always said in his drama Pride, "maybe". (which i think i always used it when i'm in form 2 or 3). So, maybe I be better at blogging in the future!!