Saturday, September 3, 2011

Reviu Merepek: Hantu Bonceng

Nothing to be expected from Malay films.

They are (most of them) just plain boring.

I don't even bother to criticize this movie.

I expect something new, something unexpected from Zizan. But nah...

I wanted to watch Final Destination, but all my friends already watched it, so...

Probably, the only thing I like to see in this movie is seeing Zizan's t-shirt, the designs vary every time. Maybe to show the rempitness. One of them: Death Note's design on the shirt. Another nice design is a manga character (looked like L) throwing cellphone into the water with the words saying "I hate cellphone". Another shirt that I like is a shirt wore by Kunyit. The shirt says "Sarcasm is my best service to give." something like that. can't remember.

Anyway last night is my first midnight movie, and it was my first time watching movie where it was crowded; full of people, and..the movies are all full house!!

Actually, when we went to the counter last night, Hantu Bonceng showtime at 11.15pm already full. Only seats left are "bara bara" separated seats. We came in a group of 6. So..mana boleh! But then there were some seats reserved during that showtime, which..cukup2 6 seats! We decided to wait for a while, go playing some Daytona and came back at 10.45pm, waiting for that seats to be opened.

I said,  
"Those six seats are actually meant for us. When we decided to watch Hantu Bonceng earlier in the daytime, our strong wills had created a telepathy, emitting information to other people, instructing him/her to reserve the seats for us. Cukup2 6 seats kot!"

^ okay, all those lines I translated from Malay. may sound different. haha.

After waiting for a while, the reserved seats were opened, and we get the tickets. I told them the telepathy theory I've learned from 999 game. And they listened to me! huahahahha~

Telepathy does exist. I AM SERIOUS.

note: bara bara is referring to buggy's chant in one piece where he pisahkan his body.