Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Death in the family.

Hidup bukan milik kita. Ucap 6ixth Sense.


I guess now my mom would be alone at home. With my dad's going to work, counting years for retirement.

One thing for sure, this has made me realizing, more, of how important family is. Especially your father and mother. Appreciate them. Never ever ever hurt them in any way.

It made me rethink of my priority in life. I just felt.... felt that I didn't contribute much to the family. How little did I give for us. Being the second youngest in the family, what to expect from me. I wasn't a decision maker in the family.

Prioritize your family. They come first. Always.

Angin, kau nyanyikan lagu
Untuk permataku tenang selalu
Bayu, sampaikan berita
Daku kini ceria, aman dan bahagia
Selimutkan rinduku bersama malammu....


i thought i wouldn't cry, but, i had also to admit i got attached to him. i did play with him. i did hug and carry him. i took care of him. i... i loved him. i guess.. may God be with you, Muhammad Hafiz bin Ahmad Shahrir. 29.01.11-30.08.13.. Pak Uda wont forget you.