Sunday, October 27, 2013

kisah marathon 21k

I love to run.

Sanji did run a lot while in Kamabakka Kingdom, running away from those okama which in turn giving him the ability to fly! Not exactly flying, but he can float in the air! haha

Anyway, my first marathon, I went for 21km already! How crazy. All because I wanted the finisher t-shirt! 10K won't give you any shirt other than the running vest.

So I joined the Putrajaya BSN Night Marathon 2013.

I didn't really have time to train myself that much. I did run every week. But so far I can only go for 1 hour, 7-8km.. And each time of training, my legs hurt soooo bad. Muscle ache. Shin splint perhaps. huhu..

Without enough preparation, I went for 21k which is a half-marathon. I knew my body and heart could take it but I had doubt on my legs. So it happened.

Oh at start, how awesome it was, running past so many people. why are they walking when it's just 5 minutes run? This is not a walkathon! Arrogantly I run past them. hahaha

At 7km or so, I think around 7.5km, my leg, specifically around my lower leg muscle, I felt pain. It's a pain that would worsen if I continue on. So my guts tell me to stop. Coincidentally, it's near our second water station. So I walked. Had a 100 plus. Tried to run for a few steps and it hurt so bad...I knew if I run regardless the pain, I would have trouble to finish the run.

So I walked. fuck there's 14 km left...

Even when I walked, I could still go past people! Brisk walking right..And then at..I think it's 17km or so, because I remember there's still 4-5km left. right foot. It's a sharp dull pain I was having since last year whenever it's cold. I believe this has something to do with my injury during taekwondo tournament on...2010? This pain is the worst ever. So I slowed down..

The pain subsided for a while, then it came back... Man.. what's wrong with you my foot. Maybe the bone has a little crack. I don't know.

Nevertheless, I was able to finish the run. Proof? Pictures!

my bib number

weehaaa medal. 21.0976km!!

cool huh, finisher t-shirt

me and friends


and the pictures from BSN Putrajaya Night Marathon many weird people...haha fun!

arnab dan kura-kura!

superman dan........

hoho...running while pushing a wheelchair is not a problem

guess what, they have my pictures too!! haha at the start

It was a great experience. Next! PENANG BRIDGE MARATHON 17.11.2013.

Though I'm going for 10K for that one...Which for newbie, we should only go for that...ww