Sunday, August 10, 2014

i'm not yours

you can't expect people to be always with you.

not unless you're married.

even so, love doesn't own.

each individual is free.

of their own will.

you can't push people to be of your favor.

don't expect people to be following whatever you need, you ask, you want.

each person have their own desires, wants and needs.

they are not always the same with you.

naturally, people should love themselves more than anything else.

appreciate your own self.

don't be reliable on others.

don't blindly follow others.

you may put others before yourself, but learn to love yourself as well.

loving yourself doesn't necessarily mean selfishness.

there are time for everything.

keep yourself at your own will.

be of your own judgment.

your own decision.

be yourself.

it's your life.

not them.