Friday, June 17, 2011

mumblejumblerumble #1 - the unproductive & lackadaisical state

what is mumble? according to thefreedictionay by farlex,
1. to speak words indistinctly, as by lowering the voice or partially closing the mouth.
2. to chew food slowly or ineffectively, as if with the gum

okeh. jumblerumble is just a wordplay. daah. there will be another random entry like this, so I might as well explain it right now!!

to make me looked like i am mumbling, i will use lower cases for all of the alphabets here!!

back to the merepek topic tonight.

i can't sleep tonight!! then suddenly idea of blogging come!!


oh my life. at the moment. soo....unproductive. while my ex-classmate (SKPTM) currently making a name in the acting world, i am sitting in front of my lappy everyday. and another ex-classmate (SMKANT) of mine, which also my academic rival (cewah) has already published many books and novels. next, to make me feeling more miserable, my ex-rumet (KMPP) already got married!! to be blunt, it was with my cosmate. huah huah, how small is this world.

there, there. i've promoted many people in my blog.

and also, some of my cosmates already working their ass off for the private company..awesomeness. well, they are all inspiring to be a dietitian but me...ermm., encik hakimchanz? what are you doing? nah nah.. i am also productive what. who says i am being unproductive? as of right now, i am a proud neet! a gamer! an otaku! if i am not playing the games they produced, how do we know the producer really made a productivity! i mean, if there is no consumer/user, there is no need for them to produce the games in the first place!! so..if i (or people like me) didn't exist, the game publisher won't be able to be productive!! am i right?? gyahahaa.. it is also the same with the anime industry.

lackadaisical - a perfect word for neet.