Friday, October 3, 2014


even though we have been separated for some time..

it's been so long

long time ago.

each time we meet again, the feeling is still there.

the connection that we felt back then.


what we had, was not comparable to any other people that we met.

we liked each other.

we cared for each other.

we loved each other.

we knew.

deep in our hearts.

we couldn't say it.

but we knew.


once you developed a connection with someone..

once you realized that you were made for each other..

once you started to miss the absence..

once you knew it was real..

it never fades.

the affection persists.

your warmth.

your infatuation.

even though it was short.

the time we had together was not long.

we couldn't hide it, couldn't lie.

we want each other.

we want to be side by side.

despite you're so far away..

time and distance may keep us away.


the love, the emotion we had is there.

the memories are what kept us together.

if someday, we would truly be together.

it would be the happiest occurrence.