Thursday, September 10, 2015

because of you i can smile again

i was troubled

i was lonely

i had lost hope

in anyone

in anything..

i had been searching for a reason

a reason for this

the work that i have been doing

for what purpose?

i asked myself


is there a meaning?

i kept blaming myself for taking this path

and then,

i met you.

i know.

we could only be like this

because you are also the same.

you had also been longing for it

it is because under these circumstances that we were able to get close

we are two lonely people.

under the same roof

under the same sky

well perhaps i am lonelier

you have your utmost supportive person

but both of you need someone like me

i don't care if you were good
only because you want something from me

but i believe, always

they are genuine.

it felt genuine.

your kindness..

it healed me.

it gave me reason..

..i am needed

..i am useful

i found reason for my livelihood

i had always been wanting to be with someone like you

sharing about these things that i love

that you, also love.

just the way we are

i wonder..

when was the last time i was able to smile like this


having to have feeling like this

there were all sort of emotions

flowing within me

happening to me

just because we met


when i look again

into the mirror

i saw the happiest person

ever living on Earth

this kind of smile..

is not the same

than any smile that i've been showing before

hey you,

i want you to know

how badly that,

i, been wanting to say to you

thank you

because of you i can smile again