Wednesday, September 2, 2015

chanz's review: Yowamushi Pedal

Now it's time for me to resume my anime series that I have left a looong time ago.

One of them is Yowamushi Pedal.

From the pedal, you might have already guessed, it's about bicycle.

Bicycle road racing.

It's hard to find good sports anime these days.

The only remarkable sports anime or manga to be exact, worth mentioning, probably is Slamdunk.

I think the strongest key point for Slamdunk is the combination of characters. And how they explain the basketball. Sakuragi Hanamichi. Kaede Rukawa.

Eyeshield 21 is also good but illogical and characters with absurd abilities. Too absurd.

Prince of Tennis is boring. How could a strike got colorful aura with a stupid name. Characters are boring.

Soccer manga that I read is only Johan Bolasepak or j-dreams. It's good, but it always deals with characters' internal fight. About how hard it is being a goalkeeper, how lonely can be without your friends. Although it did portray a bit about football strategies.

While Yowamushi Pedal (short: YowaPeda) is normal. Logical. Happy.

It does have a resemblance of Eyeshield 21 in terms of Onoda - being a pleb. Being unathletic. Being an anime otaku. What got Onoda into the sports is the same with Sena. It's all because they have been doing something that's developing their body to be perfect for the sports.

However, there's this one thing about YowaPeda that's better than the rest.

It promotes the JOY OF CYCLING.

Almost each character, found reason of cycling because of they were able to be happy while riding it.

Imaizumi for example, his first ride with a road racer bicycle, he smiled happily.

Imaizumi is so introvert that he loves to be in a quiet environment. And to do that, he has to be at the front of the pack.

While the main character, Onoda Sakamichi. He's just your below average student. He's short. He's weak. He loves anime; idol figurine. And to buy the figurine, he would cycle more than.. I don't remember was it 50 km each week? to the city to accomplish his love for the anime.

And while riding the bicycle, he will sing. Happily.


chanting the songs over and over again.

 Manami found reason of cycling; feeling alive while riding his bike. Before he knew road race bike, he used to be getting sick easily.

It will cause viewers to love the sports. Just like how we all want to be happy, viewers will absorb the idea that if I do this, it will make me happy. Cycling.

I can relate to this anime because that's how I feel each time I run.

The endorphin...the adrenaline.. it feels so good..


Lots of thing we will learn from this anime. About drafting. About teamwork.

And most importantly, friendship. BROMANCEEEEE

The OP & ED is also perfectly chosen for the anime. So energetic.

Soundtracks by Kan Sawada is also nicely arranged for the anime.

Animation is pretty.

all in all, you will be getting hooked with this anime.