Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Odd Numbers

[nonsense trolling mode]

3, 11, 21. All are odd numbers. I'm gonna talking 'Numb3rs' today. Dont read it if you have some bad relationship with Numbers. (Does anyone really got relationship with numbers??? lol)

Oh coincidence. What are the odds I'm having toothache due to my third (3) growing teeth out of four of my third (3) molar teeth, when I'm just about to turn into 21, which is on 11 of November!? Anyone could tell me?

Well, maybe I'm just playing with numbers. Maybe they actually got nothing to do with what happens to my life. But I always thought that I have some special bond with odd number. Ok rite now. I got toothache. What does it got to do with odd numbers? Like I said, my third molar teeth or wisdom teeth is currently growing. Of course it's normal for someone around my age. Why do I have to make myself special than others? Because it's the third third molar to grow! Ugh. 3,3 there. And then, it happens when I'm turning into 21! Another odd number we got here. Plus, my birthday is on Nov 11. 11,11 we got here. And also, It has already been three days I got this toothache.

For someone who dont know what is wisdom teeth, here take a look at this picture.

Wisdom teeth is your third molar teeth. Basically molar teeth is the teeth where you use to chew your food. So can you imagine it when the area became painful, how could you eat? Not only eat loh, anything you want to do, you kind of losing the mood. Argh. How am I going to sit for exammmmm. Duh.

Another thing about numbers which kind of made me remember:
- The first jersey I ever bought on my own with my name written on the back, its number is 3.

- Not to brag about it, but at school I frequently got no. 3 in class. well, if looking at the SPM result also, I'm the third best. (OMG I'm actually doing the bragging thing. Who cares. =p)

- And also my CGPA right now is (u can guess already)..har3..

- Another thing about three. Both my brother and father were born in March. (And also... i cant say it).

- Three in Japanese is 'san'. I like the character Sanji from One Piece. I found out Sanji may also mean "three o'clock". lolwutzz,. Har3.


- I'm in my third year lol..
- My room number is 313!

For the last numbers play - my birthday date. 11.11.88. If you sum it all up, you will get 20! I'm still 20 right now! Har33~

Enough nonsense talking. Actually I just want to express my painful toothache. Still in dilemma whether I should go to see the dentist or not. I'm just afraid that it will disturb my exam. Maybe I will see the dentist if the pain is too much as suggested by this website. hoho.