Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Not Over

[Beware, this entry may contain some profanity language & words in it. Don't say I didn't warn you.]

It's 6.30am [gozen roku ji han] it's quiet. [shizuka desu]. But there is one thing does not quiet. It is very noisy. "melalak pepagi buta", we say. Well, it's not chicken, cat [neko] or dog [inu]. Not me either. And of course it's not my roomate (or maybe he is). It's a thing. A good thing [ii desu]. You want to know what is it? If you read this entry from the main page, click read more or else, just read below lar...

(should i even need to tell you that? lol :sarcasm mode:)

It is what you call 'a cellphone'. A handphone. Henset. "Telefon selular". "Telefon bimbit". Or whatever you like to call it. I call it henset, fyi. To be exact, it's not the henset which is noisy [urusai] at 6.30am. It's the alarm clork in the henset which I set it to 6.30am everyday. Convenient, rite? No need to buy a BIG alarm clock nowadays. Although at school I used that BIG alarm clock to wake me up everyday [okimasu].

Oh dude, I love spamming. Actually I just want to talk about the ringtone I used for waking me up everyday. Want to know what is it? Can't you read? It's on the title of this post
:sarcasm mode again:.

The ringtone is the song by "Daughtry - It's Not Over". I dunno since when I've been using that ringtone, my memory tells me it's since when I'm in matriculation. KMPP. 2006. Or maybe 2007. yeah. I never changed it. Due to laziness. Or maybe due to that I'm not interested in this henset, trendy gadget anymore.

Every morning, this ringtone keep trying its best to wake me up. It will sing, "It's not over~~I try to do it right this time around. It's not over~~" Hoho. It will repeat and repeat the same word. But unfortunately, the owner never wake up. Pity you, henset. Try harder next time, eh?

What good about this ringtone is at least it tries to give me a motivation to live my life.'it's not over'. Well, from that word, we can infer that it wants me to continue my life, move on, and tells me my efforts still worth it!! Good start for a day, huh?

Why I put the ringtone, It's Not Over by Daughtry, as my alarm clock you ask? Back when in 2007, I always listened to the radio. Fly fm and Hitz fm were my best radio station to listen to. (yeah 'were', I don't listen to them anymore). At that time, I was haunted by these two songs - Lips of An Angel by Hinder & It's Not Over by Daughtry. And yeah, at that time I didn't have a mp3 player. No laptop either. I did have a mp4 player which is made from China. People say China goods are not good, "cepat rosak", "bengong". Oh, it's very true. It's only about two months and then that mp4 player already broken. I bought it for RM250 damn it! Ooh noes, back to the topic.

Ok, I loved the song, and definitely I wanted to listen to it many times, as I please. Well, the radio don't really play the song whenever you want to listen to it. Right. So, I need to have the song la. At that time, I was like following the trends. Everytime my hands/fingers must be at the henset. Lol. My friends also like that, too. With their stupid & daft [baka] looking & big N-Gage, playing racing game Asphalt. Well, my Sony Ericsson K300i do have GPRS, MMS function and could surf the web. Haha. Ergo I wasted my Maxis credit on searching and downloading a 10 seconds (ringtone lol) of It's Not Over song. Very satisfied, right? Being able to listen to 10 sec only of your loved song.


That is the history of this ringtone. I got many other ringtone beside it, before. But, this ringtone is the only one suitable for my alarm clork. Besides, I do love Daughtry's songs. Most of his songs like Over You, What About Now, and Gone are superb. I even own myself his albums. There are two albums: Daughtry (self-title) [2007] and Leave This Town [2009]. This bald guy from American Idol really do know how to make a good song. I'm still listening to this new album. No comment yet about the quality of the album. Although rite now, I kinda listening to the bonus track - Sorry.

Let me sing it some for you.. Just pretend you could hear me sing it, okey? Okey dokey~~

"When I say I'm sorry, will you believe me? Listen to my story, Say you wont leave me!!"

When I say I'm sorry, can you forgive me? When I say I'll always be there, will you believe...."

Why cant you believe me?! I'm not a liar! (this one not in the song lawl..)

Ok, done for today. Really satisfied today. Being able to merepek in my blog. Oh, there is no profanity words in here, you say? Use ctrl + f, type in 'profanity', and press enter. See? This entry do have 'profanity' in it!! I told you! lolololol~~~