Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Wandering Son

A son is worrying on what might the future hold for him.

"Son, don't worry. You can be anything you want to be!"

But then, the son growing up believing his father's words, just to realize that he actually did not have much choice. He wanted to be a comic artist, but he knew that in his country no one really care about comic. He wanted to be an engineer, however, observing that so many jobless fresh graduates of this field resulting in him loses hope. He wanted to be a mathematician, yet people keep saying to him there is no job for the discipline.

He may have not open his eyes and explore the world. The possibilities. The chance. He may have not try to take the risks. He may be a chicken, for not trying. Why didn't he just doing what he wanted to do?

He didn't know what else to do, unsure of his actions which in the end left him in the uncertainty..

..and he decided to be a full time NEET!! =p


6:29 pm, 11/07/10