Sunday, October 16, 2011

Let's help vote for YUI!

Look what twitter has done to my fandom.. lulz

Quoted from YUI-lover website


The Internet Music Festival (imusicfes) is an annual music competition in determining the most popular Japanese song on the internet. This year is the 14th year imusicfes is being held, with major names like Kobukuro, Ai Otsuka, ORANGE RANGE, and Utada Hikaru clinching the top rank in previous years. There are still about 48 days until the voting is closed, but YUI is way too far back for me to sit around and watch! This is fanwar!

How to participate

1. <– click on this link, and look for YUI (currently as I write this, she is ranked 45, on page 3 )
2. Vote for YUI, HELLO ~Paradise Kiss~ (click on the large gray button next to it that says “投票する”)
3. You start with 10 points, so you can vote for YUI 10 times, giving her 10 points.

How to REALLY participate and win this.
1. Near the bottom of the page, there’s a little section on the right with the twitter bird and a “tweet” button. Above that button there’s a text box, and in that text box, there is a link that looks like this That link is unique for EVERYONE and each time someone accesses the voting site via your link, you will receive one extra point for voting.
2. Copy that link.
3. Share it EVERYWHERE.
4. Most importantly, share your personal link HERE. I will collate them on this post, so everyone can..
5. Click on each other’s links!
6. Finally, check back the voting site occasionally to use the points you have collected to vote for YUI.

This is my link:   (PLEASE CLICK!)

Actually, to make this works, you have to collect points by sharing your link, when people click your link, you'll get points and you can use the collected points to vote! So, in other words, you have to help other people getting points by clicking their links as well!

At no. 13 now.. go votee!!!! hayakuu

 "To those voting for me, I will present you with a  paradise kiss!!" - YUI xD ijk lol