Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Even Now I Still Think I Should Have Taken Engin

The worst thing happen when you are sitting alone in a room, suddenly out of blue you will have a reminiscence of your life, regretting your actions and decisions.

You keep asking yourself WHY and WHY did you do this.. Why did you choose to do that??

Recalling when I was a form 5 student, I've decided! I should have done Engin! Japan! :P Well, my target actually is to go to Japan studying, and just to happen that JPA/MARA only offers engin course in Japan..

Let's palmface.
Pic credited to manga Ikigami.


If I was to blame my dad, no, he's not totally at fault. He did however encourage me to take food related course. When I said I want to be an engineer, he.. erm, "against it" is not the appropriate word..erm..he just being a DAD lah. He worried too much. He heard stories from his friends and took examples from their unsuccessful and jobless engineering-graduated kids, and he, I don't know, he just being unsupportive. Only seeing the negative sides of it. Only my brother supported me that time, but I never listen to him because..I never like him. When my father said to do a food-related course, (reasons that this industry is growing & people keep talking about food nowadays, thus food is important

I followed his suggestion. 

Plus (to make things worse), in the family, I am the most obedient child other than my eldest sister. My dad said so himself. These are his words,

"Yang selalu dengaq kata abang akim dengan kakak ja. Sebab tu gigi depa elok masa kecik-kecik, tak rongak. Dekyam, abang Asan hang gigi takdak, sebab tak dengaq kata!"

Okay, he always using these words to my headstrong little sister who is still in school because..well, she is a teenager! What can we expect?

(She is your typical teenager who idolizes the national hiburan industry too much)

Back to the topic.

It is actually a decision of a last minute. I've heard of this course during a uni exhibition in the matric. It seems interesting when the person explaining it. So I put it in the third choice. After we got the matric results, we need to fill the UPU for the second time. THIS IS THE TIME WHEN I CHANGED MY CHOICE. I might say that it is a spontaneous action. I change it at the last minute. From third choice, it went to the first choice. I don't know. I don't know why. I don't know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all.

P/S: Wait, maybe because I decide things based on intuition? Perhaps..the explaination from this web says it all..
P/S2: dindiet agrees about me being a INTP.
P/S3: To darkartz, yeah I know, think positive right! :|
P/S4: Does this entry emo? No, right? Just stating the facts..No profanity languages here..

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