Monday, October 31, 2011

Reviu Drama: JIN

I do not usually make a review about jdrama..but this one is special.

The best jdrama this year, and probably ever (for me it does).

Jidaigeki genre is not my stuff. My most memorable jidaigeki are Peace Maker Kurogane & Samurai Champloo. Not much a fan of Rurouni Kenshin.

So, a lil bit about this subarashii jdrama.

To Malays, need to remind you this got nothing to do with genie paranormal metaphysics. ahha

Synopsis: The story follows a brain surgeon named, Minakata Jin, who has spent the last two years in anguish, as his fiancee lies in a vegetative state after an operation he performed. One day, he faints at the hospital and awakens to find himself transported back in time to the Edo period. He is soon attacked by a samurai, but he escapes with the help of a man named Kyotaro. Kyotaro suffers a serious injury to the head while trying to protect him, but Jin manages to save his life despite a lack of proper medical equipment. Because of that, Kyotaro's sister Saki begins taking an interest in Jin and becomes his assistant. Meanwhile, Jin is determined to find a way back to the present. - Tokyograph.

 Interesting now? Medical stuff? The main reason I went for this jdrama is that it has "brain surgeon", "operation", and "vegetative state". In other words, it has medicine. Being a health science student, and a fan of medical drama, it is a must watch for me! xD

Also it is a time travel!

Plus, seeing its high rating from the dramawiki, I eager to watch it. For a jdrama's rating to reach >20, it has to mean something.

Just finished the final season. And here is the list why you must watch the jdrama.

1) Medicine

I am really amazed by Jin-sensei's knowledge and skills. I mean, to be able to apply his medical knowledge in an era of early modernization of Japan, (1860s) he is really..something. He is one hell of a doctor. He was able to make penicillin to treat STDs. He was able to make a centrifugal machine for him to identify blood types. I don't think an ordinary physician would be able to understand the concept of centrifugal machine.  He even knows the food source of vitamin B1.

2) Japan's history

At the start of every episodes, the OP showing the modern and the Edo's Japan. With the emotional music by Takami Yu, it is...I don't know how to describe the feeling. Nostalgic? It's like I was even there during Edo period lol. You can see la the difference between modern times and old times.

I learned a lot as well about Edo period. The historical figures. To see Sakamoto Ryoma in a bad manner and talking with slang is interesting. This jdrama did make me go having a further reading on Edo's period. Also I learned some terms like Korori which means cholera or taun in Malay. And to learn that Japan was once suffered from beri-beri disease due to vitamin B1 deficiency (hey this is my field!) is a new information for me. The cause of beri-beri is that they only eat white rice as their diet. Only!

3) Time travel

The idea of time travel always intrigues me. And the explanation at the final episode makes sense. I won't touch more here because it may spoil you. Go watch it.

4) Tearjerker

The thing about this kind of jdrama; they either going to be too melodramatic, and you getting tired of it OR they will surely make you cry in every episode, moved by the character's determination. And in JIN, it is the latter. The characters were not crying because of love problem between a man and woman, it's different. They cried because of their will to live, the determination, their efforts, love towards family/mother-son/father-son and friendship. Never a romance.

5) Soundtracks

Both seasons' music were composed by Takami Yuu. Love it so much. For S1, I like several like JIN - Main Title and Medicine - Changing Ties, while S2 I love the first track, <Bakumatsu> and most of the tracks are enjoyable as well. While the theme songs, (Misia - Aitakute Ima, Ken Hirai - Itoshiki Hibi yo) both are good songs. I notice both lyrics said "mata aitakute" = I want to meet you again.


Personally, I prefer Season 1 than Season 2. Probably because in S2 the plot focuses too much on Japan's history, Sakamoto Ryoma's assassination, and less medical stuff. And one big fault in the jdrama that I found is that it did not portray much of the affection between Jin-sensei and Saki-san. Maybe their love relationship is only based on medicine and works? Well, this is not a romance drama in the first place. Still, you got to have one scene or two about these two, right? We need it to increase the mood, and to feel the story. I didn't read the manga (oh forgot to mention this was from a manga), which I suspect must have several love scenes between these two.

So that's all.

Oh rating? 11/10.