Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's my age?

It's the first impression. Maybe. The first impression of people about me. How old I am.

I don't really get it.

I thought I look older.

Everytime I look at myself in the mirror, I think I'm so old.

"Why do I look like this? Why my eyes look so tired and sad? How do my face become round like this??"

Sapa terer...mana aku...ini masa matric

If to compare me during 2007. There's just too big of difference. My face not so round and not so wide. If my face doesn't change, still similar with that time, yeah, then I am young, I think.

Yet people thought I'm still a student. I am still a 20 years old kid.

Even worse, my own family thought that I'm younger than I look.

My brother once, "Umoq hang berapa Hakim? 20? 22?" (and then he starts his blabbering...about getting a wife, job, pursue Masters and stuff. this was last year when I'm jobless)

My brother-in-law last two days, "Umur...ko 20 eh?" (I said I'm 25 this year and then he started to compare with him at that age, already married and everything )

My cousin from Johor, "Already grad? Ingat study lagi."

And they (relatives from Johor) thought my younger sister is my elder sister. What's happening?

Ini masih simpan janggut ni. Kalau aku bogelkan bulu di muka, rambut pendek, semua ingat aku budak lepas SPM ke apa. Hurm. Teringat masa kerja IKU, driver ingat aku baru lepas SPM.

Again. Maybe it's just the first impression.

After some time they may think I don't really look that young.

Yeah. Perhaps.


I don't mind.

Tidur pun tak cukup. Menuakan lagi muka patutnya.


Agaknya berapa body fat percentage aku sekarang. Dulu masa second year buat Bod Pod I think only around 14% body fat which is average. Moderately lean. Sebab join Taekwondo dan rajin jogging. Sekarang...?

That's why your face getting round, you fool.

bolat tak. this was 2010, kot.
But my face takde la bulat macam bola. Ada bentuk dulu juga. But I just notice it's getting rounder.....


Not just me. All my friends from school and matric semuanya makin membulat.....obese......

Teringat my fren dia ada buat extreme intense exercise, dua tahun lepas muka pipi tembam sekarang dah cekung. haha (kalo hang baca blog ni...hang tau aku cakap ni sapa...haha)

P/S: Next week akan start pergi gym. Gila lah!