Thursday, June 20, 2013

Red Bubble T-Shirt

I've been buying stuff online lately.


So I found this website that could print a t-shirt of design by random designers all around the world. It's called

You can put your own design there. And let them print it on their t-shirt. And sell it to people around the world. I don't know about how they pay the designer though. What I know is they did a great job for it.

The truth is I just want to find a shirt with Sanji on it...hehe

I've been waiting for this parcel to arrive. So excited when you can track it down using DHL. Even when they tried to deliver my package and failed also stated in it wwww. I have to go to the post office to declare my possession.

click for larger

Only problem with the shirt is its LENGTH...

Width is okay. Just length. I guess because it is based on Caucasian who's taller than us Asian height is only 171 cm. but it's okay. doesn't look that long macam jubah.

I've made my order on May 8, they immediately printed my tshirt and sent for shipping using DHL. For days, I've been checking the tracking history of my shipment. Good thing you can track your stuff! From USA to Germany then Malaysia, customs and PosMalaysia!

Finally on June 6, I got my shirt! :)

Here's how the package look like.

And this is the shirt! Cool huh! Black leg!

Image quality is from Nokia handphone... to get myself a smartphone back.