Saturday, June 15, 2013

chanz's review: Pecah & Man of Steel

So I went to movies last Thursday... a marathon!

chanz's review: PECAH

As someone who read the novel, this is a totally let down.

Of course, when you read the novel you'll expect something in your imaginary mind to be appeared in the movie. However, the expected wasn't there. I wish the retro part was included more.

But it's not just that, the videography is so ancient, like we're back to the 90s. Like watching Sembilu or Gerak Khas. Come on, look at Mamat Khalid & Kabir Bhatia stuff. That's what we want.

The plot? It's the worst. It's like they just put this scene and that in the movie just to achieve the requirement that "WE HAVE TO PUT THAT "IMPORTANT" SCENE AND LET THE VIEWER UNDERSTAND BY THEMSELVES". HOII, nasib baik aku baca novel, boleh la faham, kalau yang tak baca tu mesti blur weyy..

They ought to focus more on character development. On Herman's story and Bakar-Nora's story. This is the root of it all. You have to show the viewer why Herman, a LAWYER could be doing something so UNLAW. Make us feel the character, the revenge he felt deep inside. Not just by stating in the poorly written script dialogue in the interrogation room and also 10 seconds scandal drama. "Mana ada aku business partner?" <-- itu je clue?

While Bakar and Nora's story is also the most important part to let people understand what is it about at the end of the story. WHY THE HELL LYDIA CRYING WHEN FINDING A LOCKET IN A JUNGLE OUT OF NOWHERE?? And why was I not crying/saddened like I did when I read the novel?? HAH?

The only notable part is the acting by Sofi Jikan. He's the only one saving the day.

Oh one more thing. Doctor. Haha. Typical doctor's appearance in Malay drama. Clean and fresh white coat, with the stethoscope wrongly hanging at the neck, with the tie on. And so young like a houseman, and explaining like an idiot to the patient. WHUT??? hahahha come on I worked at hospital. I found that hilarious.

chanz's review: MAN OF STEEL


I expect this movie to be different from other Superman's franchise or movie. Because of Cristopher Nolan. Look what he had done to Batman's franchise and Inception! Marvelous!

The story started with Jor-El and Zod's story. Now this is what you Malay movie production should learn. Start with something clear. It's nice to see another interpretation of Krypton. The Codex. As someone who knew Superman mostly from Smallville, this is kinda new to me. And at the start, it's already action packed.

Clark finding his destiny. Flashbacks. Lois Lane. I like it all.

With lovely music by Hans Zimmer. Feel the epicness.

I just feel sad when Clark did not save his father in the tornado.....That's just stupid....I guess it's to show how Clark is so obedient and believing his father's words by not exposing himself...BUT IT'S SO STUPID..WHY!!!

09/10. Better than Iron Man for sure. :p I never liked Iron Man, watched them because of friends.