Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reviu Merepek: Bruce Lee, My Brother

The life story of martial arts icon and actor Bruce Lee. The untold story. Source by imdb

I went to watch this movie hoping that there will be lots of fighting and actions. Hey, when you think of Bruce Lee, what else will appear in your mind? Fight, fight and fight!! However......

This movie is not about how Bruce Lee became a martial artist. It's..another side of him. As the title said, it's a story told by his family, to be exact - his siblings. Watching for 1 hour of the movie, I am confused. What is this movie about actually? Bruce Lee's romance life? Because from what I've seen, it's only about Bruce Lee falling in love, having friends and a good family. I've been waiting and waiting when is Lee going to learn martial art and fight.

Until..some arrogant US man meets him. And they fight with boxing. This part of boxing also confusing me. When did the US invites him to fight officially? I think they just met in a restaurant, and 'fight' (if you call being punched on the head and that's all, is fight) and yeah the US did want to fight again with him when he is ready, but he never said to fight him officially? Or maybe I did not pay attention because the story is so slow and dull.

Okay, they did boxing. Of course, Lee won. But it still did not entertain me. It's the climax part which made me really feel the movie. Where Lee trying to rescue his friend, Kong (is the name correct?) from the drugs' slum. Uhh I like the friendship's bond and sacrifice shown in this part. Yeah. Only this part that I like. Also, Lee is 'fighting'. Eh fighting?? Nope. He is escaping. Not fighting at all.

Even though it sucks, at least viewer got to know a lil bit about him. I'm not a fan of him, so at least I got to know his names - Bruce Lee, Phoenix (name used by the family) and Siu Long (called by his friends). And how he got the names. Bruce - his father mistakenly assumes his wife saying Push as his newborn's baby's name, and the nurse mistakenly heard that it was Bruce LOL (dunno whether this a fact or not). Phoenix - is a name given by his grandmother. Siu Long - is a name he got in his film debut since childhood.

My rating for this movie is 6/10. I would not recommend people watching this if you expect some kicking ass, flying in the air, full of action movie.

P/S: I can't believe Bruce Lee chose Pearl over Margaret! Margaret is much cuter and prettier than Pearl!!! LOL
P/S2: Looks like this person agrees with me --> review Next time, if you want to watch a movie, read some reviews!!!! 

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