Tuesday, January 14, 2014

cyber vs irl friends.

dalam dunia tanpa sempadan sekarang ini...

the way to interact, socialize is unlimited. not limited to people you've met at schools, university, workplace, neighborhood.

there's internet.

glad i found internet.

i was a socially awkward person growing up. was. cuz not anymore. maybe now a lil bit. like i don't understand certain gestures. like when people helping you, it's not enough with just "thank you". like erm..what should you do meeting with your boss, what's not to say to your boss in front of people, what should you keep to yourself and what not when with people..hahaha....banyak jugak meh when i try to list it down.

because i usually have nothing to hide, but i've seen people so secretive about certain things..things i consider as little things, but for them it's big. i could not comprehend it why they feel they need to hide the information.

oh, actually i wanted to talk about me growing up. i was different from my brother and sisters. i never invite friends to come to house. i doubt my parents knew who were my friends back then. and i never introduce my friends to them. and i liked to play alone. even now, i prefer being alone. not that i hate company. let's say seven days, i prefer to keep to myself for 4 days rather than everyday with people.

anyway, i started to really know internet when i was form 2. 14 years old. why everything must start at that age??? that time, using dial

anyway, it was until 2005 that i tried to interact with people in the internet.

there's gforum. there's ragnarok online. there's naruto forum.

so much fun. i was comfortable.

so much to say. when in real life, i almost got nothing to say at all..

not that i didn't have fun with irl people.

i do.


i could never tell my irl friends my problems. my issues. like having heart-to-heart moments. no. never. there's just nobody i could ever do that with. even in my family. it will be awkward if i do that with irl friends.

and thus, cyber friends..

my cyber friends are also anime otaku, weeabo. which there's nobody irl i can relate to with.

we never met. we don't really know each other that well. yet we intend to help each other, and surprisingly they always give a helpful reply. reassuring. 

until i find that person of mine whom i can tell anything, i may have to resort to cyber friends.

i guess this is just how introverts are.