Monday, March 31, 2014

people and their craps

i've said before.

i'm not ready. 

nor i've the experience to deal with these craps and bullshits that people deliver.

at first, there's this "respectful" person which whom, expecting others to respect her. 


what else do you want? we (they) didn't even bother you, at all.

we are not related to you, freaking baba.

next, we have erm.... blind jealousy.

girl, you can't force love.

that's not the way to attract me(n).

you faked, made up stories, telling people stuffs, what exactly do you intend to gain from that?

seriously, you are one messed up chick.

too much malay dramas, perhaps?

if so, then you didn't learn anything from those melodramatic pointless dramas...




if you do not want to teach those students, why didn't you just say so?

if you think you're the hotshot, they are the shits, then sod off!

it's like we really need you.

if you feel they're so worthless, how high and mighty do you think you are?

now that people of your color came, everything shows now huh.

your true color.

i'm tired.

i don't care.

screw you.