Saturday, January 3, 2015

be with you

when you found someone you care about..

someone you like

someone you can connect to

someone you can laugh with

someone you can be happy with

someone you want to be with

someone you are comfortable with

it's then you are going to be afraid.

afraid of separation

and when it finally happens..

you just want to be with that person

yet you can't

because you are not together.

she's gone

he's gone

you start to miss them 

so bad

you just want to be with them 

so bad

but you can't

you think that everything else didn't matter, aside from being with that person

she/he is what matters

"i want to be with you"

is the only thing you want

but no.

so far away..


how are they doing?

you wonder.

you can only wonder.

nothing else can you do.

you can only pray for their well being

be safe

be good

be bright