Monday, February 2, 2015

let go

why couldn't i let it go?

why wasn't i?

why am i still stuck on you?

why hadn't i been able to forget?

i am so tired of this

wasn't this too much for me to bear?

why couldn't i just get on with my life?

why couldn't i?

wasn't this enough already?

hadn't i been going through so much pain?

i couldn't keep doing this anymore..

the things that were meant for you, oh where are they?

i have been.. a busy life.


i almost forgot.

..the day you were there.

..the day when everything were perfect.

..the day we laughed.

..the day you were important.

..the day i was with you.

honesty is overrated.

nothing to gain from being truthful.

not to yourself, not to others.

you would only get hurt.

the odds of rejection

i'm dying.

my soul is crying.


please, pretty please..


end it for me.

no matter the measures

please help me.

to let it go.

of everything.