Saturday, May 9, 2015

someone new

you know how do a child be able to brighten a couple's life?

because it's new.

something new.


whenever a couple is in the verge of downfall, what they need is actually very simple.

a child.

or perhaps, someone new.



someone who doesn't know sh** about them

someone who has no idea at all

what's their story

their past

their history

someone who won't be bitter

someone who's going to only see the positive side of them


but then, will they stay the same?

these someone new?

i know

we won't stay the same.

especially when you start to expect something from them

or, the other way around.

when the expectations didn't get your ways,

you start to feel differently.


oh how you wish

that nothing's going to change.

that we will always feel the same with each other.