Sunday, March 13, 2016

after you

i always wonder..

each time i came

each time i went there

what did you think about?

how did you feel?

are you happy?

are you excited?

i mean,

did you feel the same?

after you,

i couldn't stay still

i couldn't think right

i couldn't be at ease

i couldn't feel calm

after you,

i managed to realize;

the causes

the roots

of everything that's happening to me

i got to deal with them

all of those issues.

i was able to see a lot of things in different perspective

the importance of being what i am


almost everything

every little aspects that i've kept deep inside

i've been dealing with them..

one by one..


i don't know.

sometimes, it felt like you were a repetitive of what's happened to me before


you are better

you are everything that i've been wanting in my life.

you appreciate, me.

i believe, we met for a reason.

we met because both of us been longing for the same thing

to fill the emptiness

that we've felt for some time..

of all the person in the world,

the thread of destiny was tying us two.

shouldn't it meant for something?

shouldn't we.., something.

even if we're separated

even if we're miles away

i want you to know,

that i am grateful to meet you

that you are, my number one person.

my most important person.