Sunday, March 6, 2016

one or three

what's worse..

being number one or three?


you are alone.

in a race, in a competition, you may have won, but you are, alone.

your rivals despised you

did runner-up and second runner-up truly shake your hands as an act of honor?

salute you?

despite how professional they are,

they might have felt it,

i hated you. 

hated your guts.


be it slightly.

they have learned to suppress it, this one of the seven deadly sins

after time and time.

i bet when they competed in their first race, they might have hated the winner, dreadfully.

one may also reflect solo, alone, single.

it may look peaceful

it may look simple

but do you have any idea?

to sleep alone, to go to the mall alone, to travel alone, to eat alone, to walk alone, to do everything..alone.

yeah, you don't have to think about others,

yeah, your plan is your plan, won't be disrupted

yeah, you don't have to keep trying for others, looking after their feelings

no need to waste time doing silly, insignificant matters

still, do you have any idea?

deep in your heart..

how you wish there's someone next to you that night

you still remember how it felt to have a presence of a special someone, 

next to your bed,

having to see them before you shut your eyes off..

having to wake up, open your eyes to that face

that's happiness.

while three.. 

you know,

three is worst.

who cares if you won number 3?

your prize is getting smaller.

your presence is not being paid attention

your name is non-existent on the news!

in a group of three..

what do you think is going to happen?

they will leave you!

you are going to be left out!

someone will..

you just have to deal with it..

seeing them walking away..

leaving you behind..

seeing them happy..

seeing them holding hands..

which is more alone?

what's worse, being with somebody yet still feel alone or being with no one and alone?


There should never be one or three..

One is alone, it may look peaceful but nah it's not great. While three, it's like a tree, you're going to be left out, watching from far the other two lovely birds flying into the sky, leaving you. They only borrowed you as a temporary shelter to stop by..


I still love these two numbers anyway. Yes, two"

- Facebook status of someone calling himself hakimsanji.