Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Raining..AGAIN!

"Hey, look..look! There's water falling on my hands! Even my hairs! What is it? This is a miracle!"

"Idiot! It's raining da..! For God sake, please don't make that stupid joke again!"


It's indoor activities today. (Like I am an outdoor type. XD) Because outside is raining. For a week now, it's been continuously raining and raining. Oh. man.. Really a major problem. I got to go out to survey the price of some food. Some "borong2" thingy, snacks like Apollo, and mineral water. Last night, after I met Ruzaini and asked about this exco makanan stuff, I thought that today I want to go out to the kedai2 he mention, and do some surveying perhaps.. BUt..uhh, plan's changed. Let's relek2 and surfing internet today..gahahaha.

Even the plan to wash baju2 interrupted. But, never mind. just sidai indoor. Yeah. Like I said, it's indoor day today! No, no. Indoor week. Poor me. Tomorrow I got to go home. Early in the morning. But lots of thing need to do. That translation thingy. duhh...

Whatever, let's listen to Hujan band~~~daa...

P/S: i guess i need to wait for the hujan to reda..and then i go. [love rojak language! XD]