Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebrity MORPH!!

Faced with intense boredom, I found this interesting website where we can morph our face into the s0-s0 celebrity. like I really a fan of these celebrity. dont really care actually. it's just the curiosity to see which celebrity that my face will become! hua3.

So, here it is:


58% it resembles Eero. He is the bassist of The Rasmus. daaa. eventhough I love their musics, not necessarily i morph into one of the members! XD

The others I dont really know.... Hanson is also a vocalist in a pop rock band, called Hanson. Orlando Bloom? nahhh, seriuosly not resembles a lil bit!

I guess this web using application that functions randomly. maybe it just detect only a certain charasteristics of our face and try to compare with the face they got. but, it's fun! you may try!

click here

P/S: i wish i could morph into Sanji... gettai.. henshin!!