Friday, January 16, 2009


I dont want to write anything about MPI. It just.. you know. I will intend to be emo, and all that. It's really sux.

Here I want to introduce to you my current favourite artist - YUI.

A lil bit info about her. She is a female JPop singer-songwriter. As opposed to many young idols, YUI actually writes and plays her songs herself. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, playing while sitting in her favorite cross-legged position, YUI creates pop songs with a rock edge to them. Her voice is fresh and high-pitched, fitting the songs perfectly. [quoted from]

And I think she is about the same age as me, she was born in 1987. What I can say is her songs resemble Avril Lavigne a lot. The only difference is Avril has started to change her genre of music which is kinda more 'jerit2' song, and yes i hate that.

The first time I ever listened to her song, "Life" was when it became the ending theme of an anime, Bleach. Later on, one more song of hers which is "Rolling Star" chosen to be the opening theme of the same anime. And yeah I really love both of these Bleach theme songs. However, at that time I dont really had the urge to find her complete album, just YET. But during the holiday last year, I watched Taiyou no Uta film. Yui acted as Kaoru Amane, a girl with disease called XP, having a dream for people around the world to listen to her songs. "Good-bye Days", "Skyline" & "It's Happy Line" are included in the movie, which are really nice songs. I manage to download this single album. And then I thought it was enuff.

But then, I watched Hinokio Intergalactic Love which theme song is "Tomorrow's Way". It was because of this song, I searched for the video.. Coming back to USMKK, I found out that Kenny has downloaded bunches of videos of Yui & converted them also into .mp3..Well, you know after listening to more of her songs taken from Kenny - "Love & Truth", "Che.r.ry", "Feel My Soul" and "Cloudy", suddenly I became addicted to her songs. hoho. People say when we become addicted we will want something more...and so~~ hehe.

Here is all four of her completed album:

From Me To You (2006)
1. "Merry·Go·Round"
2. "Feel My Soul"
3. "Ready to Love"
4. "Swing of Lie"
5. "LIFE"
6. "Blue Wind"
7. "I Can't Say"
8. "Simply White"
9. "Just My Way"
10. "Tomorrow's Way"
11. "I Know"
12. "TOKYO"
13. "Spiral & Escape"

Can't Buy My Love (2007)
1. "How Crazy"
2. "Rolling Star"
3. "It's All Right"
4. "I Remember You"
5. "Ruido"
6. "Che.r.ry"
7. "Thank You My Teens"
8. "Umbrella"
9. "Highway Chance"
10. "Happy Birthday to You You"
11. "Winding Road"
12. "Good-bye Days"
13. "Why?"

I Loved Yesterday (2008)
1. "Laugh Away"
2. "My Generation"
3. "Find Me"
4. "No Way"
5. "Namidairo"
6. "Daydreamer"
7. "Love Is All"
8. "I Will Love You"
9. "We Will Go"
10. "Oh Yeah"
11. "My Friend"
12. "Love & Truth"
13. "Am I Wrong?"

My Short Stories (2008)
1. I'll be
2. Help
3. Last Train
4. Winter Hot Music
5. Jam
6. Skyline
7. Free Bird
8. I Wanna Be...
9. Oh My God
10. Cloudy
11. Driving Today
12. Understand
13. Crossroad
14. It's Happy Line
15. Why Me

It's not I adore her like crazy, it's just that I love her songz. that's all.

Kenny is to blame for making me addicted to her... XD