Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Minggu Penghayatan Islam 11 08/09

"Hey, mate. Let's go!"

"Huh, where to?"

"Where, you ask! Of course to Minggu Penghayatan Islam 11! This evening we got Perasmian Pembukaan event!"

"Oh, yeah right. Jom, jom."

This entry I write to whoever happened to be a USMKK student, a Kelantanese, lives near USMKK & whoever interested to come. It's not my call to promote this program, because this time I held responsibility as Exco Makanan. However, I remember Solihin, one of the HICOM said that we all work together, not necessarily we just do our related job. well, i got this blog thingy, ergo let me promote this good, holy & sacred event. Ahakz.

So here our takwim of events:
27/12/08 - Kursus pra-Perkahwinan I (Dewan Nurani. 8am)

30 - 01/01/09 - Pameran (Red Square. 8am - 5pm)

30/12/08 - Perasmian MPI (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

01/01/09 - Solat Hajat Untukmu Palestin (Masjid Murni. 8pm)

02/01/09 - Hari Untukmu Wanita [HUW]

03/01/09 - Kursus pra-Perkahwinan II (Dewan Nurani. 8am)

- Futsal (Kompleks Sukan. 8am - 6pm)

04/01/09 - Ceramah Hiburan Dalam Islam (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

Penceramah: Pahrol Md Juoi [penulis lirik lagu nasyid & buku)

05/01/09 - Pertandingan Nasyid (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

07/01/09 - Pertandingan Pentomin (Dewan Nurani. 8.30pm)

08/01/09 - Forum Bicara Ad-Din (Padang USMKK. 8.30pm)

Tajuk: Salahkah Aku Bercinta?

09/01/09 - Larian Amal Untukmu Palestin (Padang USMKK, 8am)

- Malam Untukmu Palestin (Dewan Nurani, 8.30pm)

10/01/09 - Malam Inspirasi Seni [MANIS] (8.30pm, Dewan Utama)

Artis Jemputan: RAIHAN
- Bengkel Kepimpinan (8am, Dewan Utama)

Penceramah: Dr Fadzilah Kamsah

16/01/09 - Explorace

17/01/09 - Sukaneka Muslimat (Padang, 8am)

- Majlis Penutup (Dewan Nurani, 8.30pm)

And [probably] we will have another event on 05/02/09 which is Closed & Interfaith Dialogue.

I think that is all I need to write. Oh, afterwards I need to go to Pusat Islam to transport the stuff to be used this evening. I hope using motorcycle will do... huhu. But if there is car, it's easier. And then going to meet Kak Yah, some discussing about the kuih muih.. and also remember to buy ice..

ok. enuff. done reminding myself. and people, please do come to these events!!! We have refreshment for every events! XD (yeah i'm the one responsible for that~~)