Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LHP 456 Spoken English

Speak with style.

Speak effectively.

Speak clearly.

Speak.... duh ** [blank.]

Just want to share how doom I am this semester.

I got Individual Oral Presentation on the next Feb, 15. Well, with the theme "Mysticism", I decided to present about "Mysticism of Mask". Thanx to G-Files mag, I got this idea. huhu. really blank at first what to present.

And then Impromptu on Feb, 18. What is impromptu, you ask? The examiner give you a topic, and then you present, talking about it at THAT time. no time to prepare. To make it worse, you only have few seconds to think about your points. yeah. the time to think is - when you are walking to the stage and then you must talk continuously until the examiner tell you to stop.
[oh no, it is being held at Red Square. ultimate DOOMed]

The next one will be Drama. This one still not clear what are we suppose to do. but i feel that this one is more fun and better. i hope so...

Pn Tetian is expecting too high from us. nahh.. I'm not the type that good of talking in front of people. I know she is a nice teacher, but, maybe I'm just not good enough to take this subject. but hey, it was USMKK to blame, because there is not really much choice. for band 5 student to continue the English class, we can only choose three options - Spoken English, Creative Writing & Effective Reading. No one taking Reading, and only few taking Writing. most people taking Spoken.

huhu. in the guide book, it says lot more subjects that we can take...well, i guess it is only offered in USM Induk.. i really want to try the English for Translation subject.

well, looking at the bright side, I get to know people of other ethnics. most of my classmate are Chinese. and also some Indian. and there is no final EXAM~~~ haha.