Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Okane #2

Money is not everything, but everything needs money.

That's what they said.

I don't know.

Financial freedom?

I don't know.

They said I have to sacrifice many things to get what I want. Isn't it pointless? I won't be having time to do what I love anymore. My leisure time. Reading. And..ah, you know what I love to do. And my dream. If I join this, busy doing this and that, won't I be forgetting it? Won't my hobby change? Plus,  I don't think my dream will only be that. It will change. Because people will never be satisfied. People will always want more. I'm gonna get reward doing this, and once I know I can get more I will want another thing in life. It will change. People get old. Time is moving. People change.

I just want to live my life an ordinary one, living a wasothiah life. ahhak.

Tell me my mindset is too narrow, tell me I don't have a dream, tell me I am burushitto, I don't care.. Maybe not me you are looking for..