Monday, May 28, 2012

GReeeeN + India = OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!

GReeeeN is going bollywood!

It blows my mind what they have done with their latest PV.

GReeeeN has revealed the PV for their upcoming single,OH!!!! Meiwaku!!!!“.
For this PV, the members thought, “Indian music has the magic to make people smile. We definitely want the people of India to make the music video for our new song!” The cast and staff for this PV are all Indian, and it was shot in India as well.
- tokyohive

It's like the man really singing the song. This PV is very funny. It's like the geli mat, Berani Punya Budak, or any hilarious dubbing videos. Plus, the choreography and the seemingly cliche love story.

Another energetic & funny PV made by GReeeeN. When you're down, this PV may restore your days!

GReeeeN is too awesome for me. :D